Thursday, December 2, 2010

The RIBBONS fund

I've posted numerous times now about the wonderful work FOREVERMORGANS does, trying to help Morgans who're in rescue situations and need to be pulled now or face that final ride. Well, I'm going to ask for more help, on behalf of FOREVERMORGANS.

The past few weeks have found FM working desperately to save a number of Morgan horses - successfully, I might add!  Now, as a result, while all of the Morgans that needed help got it, FOREVERMORGANS needs to replenish their own stash of funds. Let me give you a quick, dirty rundown on how FM goes about rescuing a Morgan who is in need, so you can see what your donation will get you.

FM will put out that there is a horse in need, and start looking for a place for the horse to go.  That place to go could be a foster home or an adoption to a forever home.  Once a place has been found for the Morgan, FM will put out a call for pledges to help meet the purchase price, or "bail", of that horse.   It's only after the pledges do meet the full bail price that FM will call those pledges, now donations, in.  Oh, but I forgot to mention that in most cases, there is a time limit on these beautiful horses.  Yes, we only have a very limited time to commit to raising the much needed bail!  As such, after what is usually a pretty dramatic and stressful period, those donations are then used to rescue that Morgan, and the horse is then able to be sent to a foster home, or more hopefully, it's new permanent, adoptive home.  And all are happy. 

Occasionally, however, the pledged funds cannot be raised to meet the current need on a particular horse. Of course, we don't want to see that Morgan take it's final ride on *that* trailer, so that is where the Ribbons Fund comes into play.  I won't go into why the Ribbons Fund exists, let's just say there was once a Morgan mare named Ribbons who wasn't saved.  The Ribbons Fund, when needed, is available for those emergencies where the pledged funds don't reach the needed bail on a particular horse.  This happened during this most recent flurry of activity.  The Ribbons Fund was pulled upon to help save a wonderful gelding.  As such, the Fund now needs to be replenished.

And this is where I ask you for help.  I am cash-poor at the moment, but would love to do my best to help out.  As you know, I usually have a number of items in my Etsy shop that are 100% donations to FOREVERMORGANS upon purchase.  I would like to designate these three items to the Ribbons Fund.  Please check them out, and keep in mind that it is the Season of Giving right now, and any of these would make great gifts!

Custom made upon order!



(Click on the link for each item, and you'll go directly to the appropriate listing.)  

Thank you so much for reading so far!  And thank you for letting me rant on about one of my passions - I can't tell you how much it means to me, nor to FOREVERMORGANS.  Perhaps, though, the horses can tell you best of all what your support means to them, those who need it most.

For more information on FOREVERMORGANS, please go to their website
To keep up to date, please join their Yahoogroups list.  
You can also find them on Facebook!

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