Monday, January 24, 2011

Desperately Seeking Money Tree

(cue  '80s Madonna)

Why, do you ask?  Because I'm a struggling craftsperson still evolving, still learning (...forever learning....), still playing....

And one of my favorites has just offered up an amazing class that I would love to participate in.  ::sigh:: 

Doesn't it look delish?
Here are all of the details

Maybe I'll find that Money Tree soon...

What classes would you take, if money weren't an object?  And are you a Perpetual Student, like me?


Mary Newton Designs said...

Oh, I'd be at Artfest, Bead and Button, Adorn Me, you name it!

TesoriTrovati said...

Great question Holly! I, too, would love that class with Deryn. I have two tutorials she did and they are great. (Although I admit that I bought one and then never used it and am not sure where it landed!). I love taking classes. I would tour around the country to all the art retreats like Art & Soul and ArtBliss. I go to the Bead & Button each year and have to take at least one class. I have taken classes with Maria Martinez, Tracey Stanley (highly recommend!), Susan Lenart Kazmer (can't chat her up enough!), and Sherri Haab (wonderfully giving!). This year I think that I am going to try for a class with Richard Salley. I like to take classes that stretch me outside my comfort zone. That would do it!
Enjoy the day!
And when you find that fruit of that money tree, toss me a pit so I can plant my own!
Erin ;-)

My Life Under the Bus said...

..what she said.....sigh.


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