Friday, January 7, 2011

Thinking is a Good Thing

Well, please excuse my rant from the other day about the serious lack of creative energy surrounding me ;)  I do think that post helped me figure out what part of the problem was.  Yes, part was that I needed to step away from the beads...and I did that, which I think helped.  I also realized that I'd been working under time constraints and deadlines so much lately, that once faced with no deadlines or to do lists I couldn't figure out where to go, what to do or what to concentrate on!  Is anyone else like that?  If you don't have a clear cut idea of what you are working on and a time table to work by, you spin your wheels?

So, once I figured out that, I decided that I needed to work out a project plan, put myself on some type of schedule, hash out a to do list and organize myself a bit.  I'm still working on that, figuring out specific projects and techniques that I want to try and setting dates for stuff that I could work towards for those individual projects...  And to start that off, to start the New Year with some sort of fresh and new creative plan, I ran to Marshalls and bought myself a brand spanking new, purse size notebook to keep track of lists, work plans, dates and such like that.  Something I can carry around with me all the time and note things as they occur to me.  Honestly, trying to work in this fashion is new for me - I'm usually a fly-by-the-pants, spontaneous, "lists are evil" typa girl!  But I'm realizing that as I get older, my focus, direction and motivation are changing, and I think I need to channel myself a little bit differently.  How do you usually organize yourself and keep your focus and attention where it should be?  Are you a list person, or do you prefer to be more free-wheeling? 

Anyway, please wish me luck in figuring out my plan, and then implementing it!  As I said, I tend to be a bit chaotic and frantic in my work, so this is a very new thing for me....and I hope to be posting regularly as to what I'm working on and how things are going as I get through this new plan to get me out of chaos ;)  Oh, and not only will this list include my jewelry stuff, but it will also include the other creative and crafty type of things I'm working on too, so I might include some of that a bit more to!!

And I'll leave you with a quick picture taken on Christmas Day.  My Boy with Jypsy, my aunt's German Shepherd.  He's trying to entice her to play.  She thinks he's crazy.  And would rather nosh on her Bully Stick.


My Life Under the Bus said...

oooh what are those turquoisish beads up there? Love that color ! Poor little guy can't believe he is being ignored. I def. find I need to list thing or something gets forgotten - I also have six of us to remember things for

Holly said...

Patty - it's a crab-fired agate of some sort or another...inventory-keeping and I struggle a tad! LOL Yes, six is a big number - I'm happy that my DH is good with remembering his stuff, cuz 3 works well for me ;)


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