Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My current favorites...

...not yet listed on Etsy, but soon!

Whisper Peach Aventurine wrapped with copper square wire.

I loved 'em so much I made these!
"Tiffany Pink Turquoise*" wrapped in square copper wire
(*I think it's really magnesite, but not sure)

Citrine nuggets on sterling silver

What is your current favorite?

PS:  Don't forget to check out my OWOH post!  I'm giving away 2 pair of earrings, and three "secrets" in celebration of the last OWOH!  Post is here


My Life Under the Bus said...

oh the pink - yum!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool earrings:) Love the citrine nuggets!

fireflymyst said...

Love the earrings1


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