Friday, February 4, 2011

Who's the lucky beader, you ask? Me, me, me!

Let me set the scene here a tad:

Day:  A chilly (errr, cold) Saturday night in mid-January, after WildOnes are in bed.
The place:  A combination office/work space with Wedgewood blue walls, oak desk and overfilled oak bookshelves.
The stuff:  beady goodness, computer, chocolate, cup of tea, faithful dog by feet.

There I sit, multitasking as only I can do (ineffectively), playing with beads, conversing with husband, switching back and forth between browser tabs.  I decide to check email to see if I've gotten an email from Lori about my Bead Soup Partner.  Yep, there's the email.  Open it up.  Read.  Close email from Lori.  Open it again.  Reread.  Nope, the name hasn't changed.  Sit in disbelief then...

Calmly look over at my clueless husband, smile.  Start laughing.  Clueless husband looks back at me and wonders aloud why I'm laughing.  I laugh harder and mumble something about telling him, but he wouldn't get it.  He mumbles back something about "crazy woman" and turns back to his computer with confusion evident on his face.
 Clueless Husband and WildBoy

Finally I stop laughing, much to husband's delight, and get back to work.  Oh, and feverishly email a beady friend or two (Hi Patty) about my incredible good luck in this lovely Bead Soup Blog Party.  My luck and excitement is derived from what, you ask?  (well, other than my expert use of adjectives and superlatives, which is doubtless driving my English teacher friends (Hi Kate) crazy) 

Yes, my luck indeed.  Because my BSBP partner is none other than the awesome Molly Alexander herself.  Now, I will admit that I've stalked been a fan of Molly's for a long time.  I first found her Etsy shop, and then her blog, back about 3 years ago when I first started this beading journey, and immediately fell in love with her style and signature look.  

I mean, come on, how can you not love this?

Or this?

And this?  It leaves me speechless!   
(Well, not really, because apparently I don't do speechless in writing..)

So, where was I?  Oh yes.  That's right.  After finding out who I was partnered with, and getting over my trepidation, Molly and I fired off a bunch of emails and got to know a bit more about each other.  I popped my package in the mail. 

And then my waiting game began.  Isn't it almost like a birthday?  Waiting and waiting for something to come in the mail?  Well, anyway, for me it is ;)  I swear I checked the mailbox on an hourly basis at some points.  Despite knowing *exactly* when Mr. Postman stops.   I really think he got a little nervous when he saw me popping my head into the window every. time. he. drove. up.  Heh.  Yeah, I'm a tad obsessive.  So finally, my wonderful mail person left my package in the mailbox.  I about danced up the driveway on Wednesday, with the package in my greedy hands.  

Once in the house, I *shoved* the package at Clueless Husband, telling him (he said I screeched.  I disagree.  Strongly.) that my beads from Molly arrived and I needed him to occupy WildOnes so I could open it in private.  I swear I sat there for about a half hour, going through my package, fondling the beady goodness, feeling the heft in the way cool enameled links, drooling over the luscious pendants, going googly-eyed over the cool ribbon and wooden piece.  Oh, I can't wait to get to work!!  Too bad I have to wait until the WildOnes are asleep...

Wait, I suppose that you want to see what I got, right?   

Upon opening, I was greeted with this...
Molly, my soupy friend, that sagey green - one of my absolute favorite colors!!

Once out of the awesome little bag, I found this cool tin.  

And inside this adorable little tin...oodles of little baggies with tons of gorgeousness...
 Isn't it all just about too much to take in!  There's a copper clasp, way cool copper circles, those awesome enameled links, the awesome striped agate pendant.  I also received some new jade rounds, what I believe are carnelian tubes, some gorgeous aquaterra jasper coins, and loads of beautiful Czech fire-pressed glass flowers and faceted rondelles in ambers, peridot green, and opalite.

I'm going to leave you now, so I can go wallow in Bead Soup Goodness....but won't go without a closeup of the main components...

 (Oh, and don't forget to visit Molly's website, blog and her Etsy shop.  And please don't forget to visit the awesome Lori Anderson, originator of the awesomeness that is the Bead Soup Blog Party!)

(PS:  Should add a disclaimer:  Clueless Husband really isn't all that clueless....except when beady goodness abounds..)


My Life Under the Bus said...

Gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwgggggggeeeeeoooouuuussssssss *faints*

Lisa said...

Your soup looks DELICIOUS!!! Cannot wait to see what you make of it!!

Molly Alexander said...

...and with a *big* sigh of relief, I say, "whew!" I am SO glad you are happy with your soup ingredients! I absolutely LOVE your creations, and can't wait to see what you make using these pieces and parts!

Thanks so much for being such an amazing soupy partner!

:-) Molly

Lori~Studio Waterstone said...

Oh my but those are gorgeous! Enjoy partnering! That sounds like so much fun - makes me want to make some jewelry myself!

Becky said...

What a lovely selection of goodies !! I look forward to seeing what you create with them :o)


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