Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!  I hope that you are enjoying these first glimpses and breaths of spring.  Here in New England, we ushered in the first full day of spring with dark, cold, bone chilling weather, so I'm dreaming of our first glimpses of crocus and daffodils.  

first scenes of spring in our yard (taken last March!)
Yesterday, however, chilly though it was, my husband and I enjoyed our usual "First Day of Spring" hike.  This was the first year that we were able to do it with out bringing all of the usual baby accoutrements as the kids are both old enough to do a small hike with them doing the walking themselves!  They both did fantastically, and I now can't wait to take them on more outdoors adventures.  I was pleasantly surprised when we didn't hear "I'm Tired" and "Are we done yet?" and "I can't walk anymore!" until we had the last quarter of the walk yet to do.     

Do you have any specific rituals surrounding the first days of spring? 


Deci said...

I madly dance around the back yard on the Spring equinox.
Holly, I got the earrings! Love them, and I blogged about it

Kristen said...

We are not quite there yet as the flowers have not yet awakened but I love the pictures!


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