Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March ArtBeadScene Monthly Challenge
Sweet Duplicity

Once again, ArtBeadScene offered up an incredible inspiration piece for this months Challenge!  I couldn't wait to open up my stash and see what I could put together.  This gorgeous painting was done by Eugene Henri Paul Gaugin, who was one of the leading Post-Impressionists.

Created by Gaugin after he moved to Tahiti, this painting features strong, brilliant primary colors and a calming, very pastoral scene.  I love Gaugin's primitive work - the brilliant, primary colors are astounding. I kept trying to pull out something that would work with those big, bold colors.  However, for some reason the colors I kept pulling for this necklace were the softer, more muted shades!  After struggling for a while, I finally decided to go where my muse was telling me.  And I'm happy I listened to her...the muse doesn't lead me astray often!  She might take me on a very roundabout trip, but we get there in the end. 

Called "Sweet Duplicity" in part because of how duplicitious my muse was, this necklace is a cool combination of unlikely colors.  I pulled the muted green, the greyed pink, the deep and lighter blue and paired them with the rusty oranges of copper and cool whites and mustardy yellows out of this painting and worked with those.

The art beads featured in this necklace are a polymer clay heart by Barbara Becthel/Floridity, an enameled copper washer by me, and white patinaed rounds by Missficklemedia. Copper bead caps and copper wire links (spiral and wrapped) were done by me, as was the clasp. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the stones* are, other than sodalite!

This is a double stranded necklace, with the first hitting about 20 inches.  The longer length is about 22 inches long.  As mentioned, the copper clasp is mine, and is a heavy 14 gauge copper that was torched for color and to ball the tip.  It was then formed and hammered for strength and texture.  The clasp sits asymetrically to the side, and is finished with copper chain.
 Here you can see the spiral links and way cool white patina'ed rounds from Missficklemedia

*UNAKITE!  Yes, that's it!  The green and pink stone is unakite.  Thanks Lori, for mentioning that - it's exactly what it is :) 


Deb said...

I really like this, loving the components from Shannon at missficklemedia, I used rings and beads from her in my design too. Beautiful!
Deb x

Pretty Things said...

That's so pretty! LOVE Floridity. And some of those beads might be unakite, from what I can see? Regardless, it's fantastic!

Molly Alexander said...

Just beautiful(as always) - I am a sucker for hearts, and the double chain is terrific! :)

Holly said...

Thank you ladies for your comments! And Lori - unakite, that's it exactly! Thanks for mentioning it :)

Marian Hertzog said...

I love the double strand. Very pretty!

Lesley said...

Very pretty indeed - I like the contrast of the soft colours with the metal.

Cory said...

Love this piece, so delicate and nicely designed.

Kristi Bowman said...

It turned out beautifully!! Love the softness and those copper swirls are awesome. Funny about Unakite, for the longest time I had some sort of metal block for remembering the name. I seem to be somewhat recovered from it now lol!


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