Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Here's a little bit of a sneak peek at my Bead Table this lovely Wednesday.  Lately I've been reworking projects that I haven't been completely satisfied with, so that's what is covering my entire work surface.  And I do mean entire!  This is only a little bit of a picture of it, however.  Truthfully, it was such a mess that after I took this picture I had to clean it up, it was so disturbing.  So when I get home tonight I can make a huge, monster mess again.  YAY!  

Oh, wait. 
I have sick kids at home.  Won't be playing tonight.  ::sigh::  ah well ;)

Close up of materials and stuff being played with...yellow turquoise agate/jasper, coral-colored ceramic, wood beads, stringing wire, Czech glass, yummy copper bead caps and heishi and Ican'trememberthename quartz.

Here's the project I was working on yesterday.  I managed to finish it, but still am not completely satisfied with it, so we'll see.  It's a two-stranded necklace with a polymer clay bird that I'd done on one of my "I want to play with something different" days.  I think it's the bird I'm not completely satisfied with, because I'll admit that I love this color combination!  Browns, oranges and greens.  Yum!  Oh, and how did this project start off?  Here's the original post.   I liked the necklace as it was, but for some reason it didn't seem substantial enough.  Anyway, I do like how this piece is now...but don't be surprised if one day that bird charm is replaced...  And I will post better pictures another day. 


And while this isn't what I was playing with last night or this morning, this weekend I did have a bit of an opportunity to experiment with one of the lovely MissFickleMedia's patina'ing solutions!  I think I'm in love.

But not with this focal anymore since my experiments with inking and collaging on top of patina went a bit awry!  Ah well, that's what experiments are for, aren't they?  

Have you had any major experiments that went wrong for you?  Did you continue to experiment with the project or did you scrap it in favor of something you're more familiar with?  (I'll admit that I never stop experimenting, I just alter my experiment!)

And am I the only one who takes a whole day to write a BTW post?  LOL!  Please join the fun at the BTW Flickr group too!


My Life Under the Bus said...

LOL! I have a stack of " Whath the HELL do I do with this now" or "WTHDIDWTN" for short - sometimes I go back to them and sometimes I don't. Happy Wednesday!!!

Kristen said...

I love that bird charm! I know about sick we all are getting over it right now. Good luck.

jamberry_song said...

It's definitely pretty so far! The colors are very "autumn". :) The patina looks fun! You'll have to let us know how your continued experiments go. Mine tend to be very hit or miss.

Hope the kiddies feel better soon!

Leslie Todd said...

Hope your kids are better now.

I have things scattered around that didn't work out like I planned.

I like your colors!


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