Monday, April 18, 2011


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We visited my sister and her little ones this weekend - funnest part?  Watching theBoy playing puzzle with theNephew...Nephew twisted and turned the pieces until they fit perfectly.  theBoy?  Twisted pieces until almost there and then went BANGBANGBANG with his fist on the piece until they fit perfectly. That's my boy, allrighty!  (ps:  both boys are 3 years old, but only within the past few months)

He even *looks* like a bangbangbang kid!

It was a good mail week!  Got my new book, Mixed Metal Mania by Kim St. Jean, new stuff from Kylie Parry and Spirited Earth...yum, yum, and more yum!!  All I'm gonna say :)

Well, not really all I'm gonna say after all :)  New stuff above, plus newish stuff from Barbara Lewis and MissFickleMedia all equals can't wait for play time!  Now just have to figure out when play time can be, which is always the hardest thing to do...

DramaQueen of a five year old daughter had her formal photographs for her dance recital.  Talk about a precious group of little ones!  But of course, my girl took the cake, posing and acting like an old pro so much so that the photographer asked if she was a model.  He was only half joking ;) 

Thoughts and prayers are winging from my direction to the awesome Lori Anderson - please join me in sending her healing energy!  .

I perused my GoogleReader this past week.  Am now down a huge number of blogs I no longer read.  Phew, that was quite a job!  Even so, I could spend three hours a day going through my current blog list and still not get through them all. 

I really need to spend some time on my ETSY shop.  It's in woeful need of attention.  I should also figure out if I want to do a local craft show or not.  It's the first year for it, but has the potential to be a big draw......

I love how eclectic my family is.  My parents tried to make sure we grew up with very open minds.  They succeeded admirably, and have given us all something to live up to and strive for.

Patty, my friend, you are killing me with your lovely workspace!  I'm truly jonesing for a new and redecorated area all of my own!

Patty's inspiration bored
Realized I still haven't blogged about my awesome win from Studio Waterstone's way cool Lori....added to my list!

Just recently got a commission for a mixed media piece, another for a necklace to match a bracelet and earrings, and have a few earring projects I'm working on a friend who now has a new hairstyle and wants new earrings to show off the hair! 

It's 9:00 p.m. and my kids are still bed, yes, but still.awake....someone send chocolate and a bottle of red, stat!!

Give me some randomness of your own, please!

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My Life Under the Bus said...

OMG! Thanks for the shout out - my kids are the BANGBANGBANG typ too LOL!!! XO


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