Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Monday...

...because I haven't been productive or creative or anything in the least,
and as a result have nothing to really show you ;) 

  • Sterling Silver - $34.47.  Ouch.  Still.
  • Laid out a new garden bed this weekend.  Dug it out.  Planted flowers.  Mulched it.  Another ouch.
  • Giveaways, anyone?
    • Melissa Orr is giving away one of her Peace Bangles!  Check out her blog for details.  *LOVE* her stuff!

    • How about Andrew Thornton's awesome giveaway?  Metal Stamps, baby!  

    • D'ya like copper as much as I do?  Check out this cool pendant from Tish of JustatishDesigns!  You can also win a $20. gift certificate to FireMountainGems.  Coolness!

  • My five year old is getting a new kitten.  But my dear Husband doesn't know that we're definitely taking her.  If I'm absent from blogging for a little while, it's because my computer privileges have been revoked as a result of said kitten. 
  •  Am I the only one who can't spell priveliges?  I kept wanting to put a "d" in there for some reason.  Gah.
  • I'm finally ready to admit to an addiction.  Seriously.  Bad.  Watched 4 episodes yesterday.  And I can't wait to get home today to watch another four.  But don't tell my husband about the 4 episodes from Sunday.   I was supposed to be planting tomatoes and radishes.  I told him the rain prevented my planting.  Not that it was actually my latest addiction.  He's aware of that new addiction.

  • Rain.  All week.  With two kids who'd rather be outside.  Loverly.
  • Have you seen the Margie and Me Challenges?  I might just have to add this to my roster of challenges.  Which I've been absolutely bad at for the past month.  I can't seem to create myself out of a paper bag lately.  Ah well.    
  • We've got three weddings to go to this fall.  Already.  And two of them are on the same day.  Yeah, that's happening.  The third is in Vermont.  That will be a fun one!  
  • Do you Hulu?  *LOVE*!  And how I managed to watch four episodes of one show on Sunday ;)  
  • Are you a Foodie?  Or do you just like food?  Check out my friend Mandi's blog - *very* cool, unique experiments going on at her house!

And so, now please lay some randomness on me!!   Or tell me what you do when you're stuck inside a creative paper bag and can't rip your way out....  ::sigh::  ;)


Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

What do I do? I walk away, look to inspiration whether it's magazines, drawing, a museum, nature - whatever it takes. Hope you're having a good week.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Ugh I am soooo sick of the lack of it really up there or is this some sort of coverup??? Nothing wrong with being a Gleek .... I find myself addicted to that mindless drivel of the Housewives on Bravo - can't look away!!! HELP!


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