Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday
Well, hello there, MoJo!

It's been about 3 weeks since I've had the pliers in hand and have actually created something.   Don't get me wrong, I've pulled the pliers out, gotten the beady baubles and wire out, and then.  Sat.There.And.Stared.

Wire goodness
This is all of my artistic wire and copper-cored wire.
My sterling, copper and brass are held elsewhere.

Couldn't do anything.  No reason, just couldn't get it done.  And, to be completely honest, it wasn't just with my baubles that I couldn't get started with.  I've got a few other projects that I'm working on (a mixed media commission, an unfinished collage, stuff like that), and they just sit there.  Waiting for me to find my creative mojo.  ::sigh::  Talk about frustrating.

My supplies-to-work-with staging area.

So yesterday, my day to stay home with LittleBoy, I determined I'd pull out stuff and actually work.  And can you believe it?  It worked!  I decided to start with earrings, knowing that I'd be likeliest to succeed with these, since they're small and usually pretty quick to work up.  Well, indeed they were easy to get into....after about a two hour period of sitting there, sucking my thumb.  (well, not was diet Coke I was sucking down.)  But finally, I was able to crank out some designs.  Yes, they're somewhat simple, but who cares, it's a start ;) 

There are now seven pairs of earrings waiting to be photographed!  It seems as if I was on a grey and red kick, with splashes of blue mixed in, and one pair featuring freshwater pearls, South Sea shell pearls and brass.  Wait.  Did you notice?  Is that possible?  *No* copper?  I didn't make one thing out of my favorite metal??  Huh.  Amazing....  Truth though, is that I need more 20 gauge copper to make ear wires with ;)  And I also need to bang out more copper components and such too!

And do you want to see what else was on my Bead Table as I was working?  We picked up this little ball of kitten fur on Sunday.  I'd mentioned here that we were getting a kitten, and here she is.

Meet Cherry Blossom, aka Squeakers!
My 5 year old's new kitten.

Yep, she was sitting on the table most of the time I was there...I like to think she was keeping me company.  (But really, she was hiding from the 3 year old terrorBoy.  Who likes to hold her.  Upside Down.)  She kept playing with my bits and scraps, and one time everything got pushed right off the desk.  Have you tried working with a kitten on your desk?  It's really Not Easy.  But who cares, she's sweetsweetsweet!

Erin and Squeakers.  She loves her new kitten.
The kitten sorta loves Erin.

So, what's on your Bead Table this lovely Wednesday?  And, thinking back to my "Likeliest to succeed" comment above, do you have Superlatives your senior year of high school?  (You know, "likeliest to succeed", "best teacher", "best companion on a deserted island", "Most likely to cause use of Depends")  If so, were ever voted to the "Best" of anything?  Me, nope, not so much ;) 

And don't forget to check out the BTW flickr group to see who else is Bead Table Wednesday'ing!


My Life Under the Bus said...

...DEPENDS?......LoL ...I wants the kitten!!!! *stamps foot* ...sigh...I am finding it hard to concentrate going from 60 and rainy to 100% humidity! Wasn't today supposed to be cooler? What's that about??? : P

Deb said...

I have been feeling exactly the same! Couldn't make anything for ages and then suddenly a burst of creativity! Loving your earrings!
Deb x

Diana P. said...

Congrat's on the new fur baby, what a sweet little face! I have two grown cats and I'm always pushing them off my beads. Dexter always looks like he's keep them warm, lol!

Kristen said...

(sighing) I remember when I had a kitten! Now I have a 17 lb fur clump that makes me move my tray to get next to me. So I know what that is like. I love that you just decided and did and look at the gorgeousness!


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