Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Heart Macro
Vegetable Garden

Once again, following the awesome Lori Plyler over at Studio Waterstone 
for I Heart Macro today...Please join us, it's tons of fun!

Visiting my husband's vegetable garden today, macro-style!
(and sorry it's so late - today was chaos.  In way too many ways.  Still is....)

Green tomatos - one of 12 plants!
We love tomatos and I'd put them in everything if I could :) 
Although my three year old would object. 
Highly and vociferously.

Squash blossom.  I think we've got about 12 squash plants too!
Zucchini, Summer and Patty Pan varieties. 
We'll be squashed out soon, although the plants won't be!

Dew drops on squash leaf.

The inside of a Dill blossom.

Patty pan squash
Does anyone have any recipes?
This is our first year with these!

Right, not a vegetable.
But next to the vegetable garden ;) 

Another green tomato
I think this is one of the Cherokee Purples.
Heirloom. And a Must Have!
You haven't had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, or a BLT
unless you've had it with one of these bad boys.
nom.  indeed.

(and three year old mentioned above)
Complete with chocolate donut face.
Yes, he was found in the garden as I was taking these shots.
Donut still in hand.

Helper's shoe.
Which he did not have on in said garden.
Because he got dirt inside it.
Not in garden, but watching through the window.
Desperately longing to be in garden.
(Yes, this is the kitten)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the veggie garden tour!  Please join everyone else over at Lori's place!  You won't regret ;)
studio waterstone

Oh, and I was serious about sharing if you have any good Patty Pan Squash recipes! 
I'm so clueless it's funny!

And I'm going to leave you with a sneak peak of something I'm working on....


Kym Hunter Designs said...

Your garden looks wonderful! I've got to get me some of those tomatoes, you make them sound so good. Your son's a cutie! I like the shot of the shoe.

Enjoy your week!

John Dearden said...

I really like the red-orange-yellow blossom with the light shining through it. Beautiful.

Linda Landig said...

All your pics were amazing! I especially loved the dill and the sun shining through the lily. Your garden assistant is adorable, chocolate and all!

Kristi Bowman said...

Love them all Holly!! The first one looks like an octopus!! So fun!

Laura Twiford said...

Love all the garden shots but my favorite is te garden shoe, incredible detail and texture. Sorry, i don't do patty pan squash but do yellow and zucchini

kimmykats said...

Oh I love your helper shot! We raided my dad's garden for supper last night---love this time of year!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Amazing close ups! I love the big green tomato!!! ~Val

A Box of Chocolates said...

i love macro shots they just make the ordinary look great i love your cute son what a cheeky messy mouth

CraftyHope said...

I'm finally getting around to catching up on my blog reading. Your macro shots are great. I'm particularly fond of the fuzzy baby tomato, the dewy squash leaf, and especially the helper's shoe. Great job!


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