Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Texture Tuesdays}
Old Dog Dreams

Joining the awesome crew for Texture Tuesdays over at Kim Klassen's again today!
Today's prompt was "dream", and since my old girl Meadow posed so sweetly for this shot, I took it and ran.

I used some of the Pioneer Woman's actions, and three of Kim's textures on this - "dreams", "serendipity" and "luminous".  I used different blending modes on each layer (soft light and overlay) and set them at different opacities.  I then added text of my own, and set those at different opacities too.  

Oh, and don't be surprised if you see more of my sweet girl - she's just turned nine years old and is starting to show her age.  I'm trying to be more aware of her quieter nature nowadays.  And she's always just such a willing subject too! 

So, anyway, please join everyone over at Texture Tuesday.....


And come back tomorrow for Bead Table Wednesday!  I'm unpacking the little bit of loot I got at a local Bead Store while I was on vacation :)


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Beautiful girl. I have two GSDs myself. Best. Dogs. Ever. :)

Pat said...

Maybe he's just trying to remember where he buried that bone! Nice job.

Deb said...

She is absolutely gorgeous ♥
Beautiful TT.

Annette said...

This is beautiful! Not just what you did but Meadow herself! This will be a sweet memory for you to have one day!

missing moments said...

I really like how you processed this photo! So striking!!! I think I'll be coming back often!


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