Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Heart Macro
Hurricane Irene

Today we are hunkered down enjoying this wonderful storm that is far all is okay in our neighborhood, and I'm expecting it to remain so for us.  I do know others here in Connecticut are not so happy with what is going on!  We do have massive flooding, huge wind gusts, major power outages (500,000+ in the state, surpassing Hurricane Gloria in 1985), and apparently there are some serious concerns about the storm surge down by the shore.   

We are right on the border of the Northwest area of the state (my town is considered "the Gateway to the Litchfield Hills"), which is where the most rain has been reported as well as some of the major flooding.  Luckily, the worst that we've experienced in our neighborhood and town is 7+ inches of rain and some great big winds.  However, a few streets away they have evacuated some residences as the result of the Pequabuck River overflowing it's bank.  We're high enough, though, that this flooding won't affect us.  The storm, which at this point has been downgraded to a tropical storm, has passed us by now, and we'll just be dealing with the after-effects.  Which means more flooding, more wind gusts, and starting the clean up.  Which is always the fun part, isn't it?  ::insert sarcasm at it's best:: 

I do hope those of you who are still in the path of Tropical Storm Irene will stay safe!

I'll leave you with my I Heart Macro shots, which were taken this morning following the worst part of the storm.

Our flag holder on the backyard deck. 

We have the best pumpkins this year! 
  And they made it through the storm. 
  Unlike many of our other garden plants.  Ah well.

And please join the rest of the Macro'ers and the awesome Lori Plyler over at Studio Waterstone for I Heart Macro today...Please join us, it's tons of fun!

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GiGi said...

Stay safe! I experienced Hurricane Gloria, but now I'm on west coast sending prayers to friends and family and you too!

T... said...

love your shots, glad to hear the storm didn't hit your area as it has others...stay safe

graygirlstudios said...

you're getting Hurricane Irene in CONNECTICUT?! good god, that's a ways away. I'm glad you're doing well. stay safe, this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

Be safe, Holly!
Love the pumpkin! I can't believe how big it is! Glad it weathered the storm!

Shel said...

I hope you're staying safe despite all that's happening. It's not easy going through natural disasters! Be careful!

I Love the flag pole holder shot - and the pumpkin looks amazing!!

Tracey N. said...

Glad to hear you are safe! Cool pic of the flag holder with the bit of red paint. Your pumpkin looks huge and wonderful.

CraftyHope said...

I'm glad to hear you are safe and okay.
That pumpkin is impressive. So glad it made it through the storm too ;)


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