Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday's Meanderings

Random Mondays, catch up Mondays, well, really, they're all the same things ;)

  • It's a rainy Monday here today. It was a rainy Sunday here yesterday.  And we had a birthday party to attend yesterday.  A Beach Birthday Jam.  Outside.  All day.  In the rain.  Ughhh.  I'm ready for some sun and warmth again! 

  • The kids loved playing in the rain yesterday.  And I let them.  I'm not the type of mother to make the kids come out of the rain if they're having fun.  I also don't mind mud puddles.  Or rain puddles.  Or digging in the wet yucky sand.  However, I do mind rain and mud and dirt in my new car.  So they got changed before they got into it.  But I forgot a change of clothes for myself.  Which I needed after changing the kids out of their wet and sandy clothes.  Ah well.

  • We had a busy weekend, but during all that busy-ness I was able to accomplish quite alot!  Including my first soldered bezel, a 'la Stephanie Lee and her awesome book "Semiprecious Salvage".  Yeah, I know it's not perfect, but I think that's part of it's charm! Now, just have to fill it and use it :)

"Fly" soldered bezel

  • Got my goodies from my Bead Soup Blog Party partner!  YAY!!  It's lovely, ocean-y colors, lots of greens and blues, with some luscious mother of pearl and awesome seed beads.  I can't wait to start playing!  Maybe this weekend or something ;)  Oh, wait, I suppose you would like to know who my partner is?  It's Barbara Judy, of Beads of Spirit!  Check out her awesome work with seed beads, and those art dolls!  Oh goodness, they're lovely!  Here's her Artfire shop too :) 

"Soyala" - art doll created by Barbara for the Winter Wonderland Challenge
  • I teased you back here with some etching I'd done last week.  I wanted to show you one of the things I'd done with that etching batch.  This was some of the nickle silver I'd done, and was planning on turning into a focal or toggle clasp.  The toggle clasp won out, obviously ;)  The clasp was sawn, hammered a bit, and then oxidized.  The connecting link and toggle were created out of annealed steel wire.  I've got a plan for this puppy, and you'll see it when it's done! 

Handmade toggle clasp

  • I also worked on a few pair of earrings that I've had in mind for some while now.  This particular type of earring is pretty common out there - check out Etsy, they're all over the place there!  But I'd been wanting to create a version of my own for a while.  I just hadn't gotten around to it.  But I finally did.  Again, these were done with the etched copper I'd done earlier last week, so I've made good use of the etched stuff! 

Handmade oxidized copper hoop earrings with sterling silver earwires
Etched and oxidized copper with handmade sterling silver earwires.
Handmade patina'ed copper hoop earrings
Etched and patina'ed copper with handmade copper earwires.

  • Quick question for you.  I'm thinking of revamping my photos a bit, trying new backgrounds and such.  Of the two earrings above, which do you like better as a product photo?

  • All of this was done in between playing with the kids, going to a birthday party, planning out what to send to my Bead Soup partner, going shopping and trying to clean house!  It's really no wonder I'm exhausted today :)  Do any of you have day jobs that you're happy to go back to after a busy weekend?  gahhh! 
  •  Oh, and last night and this morning I puzzled out how to add a blog button to my blog for you to grab if you visit often.  You can find the button and code up to the right on the side.  Please feel free to take and use!  
  • I've also recently started doing the Couch to 5K workout.  It's really kicking me hard!  I've decided I don't like to run!  Ah well, gotta do what you gotta do, right?  LOL  Oh, and yes, the "couch" bit of it soooo very true.  I've become very sedentary as I've gotten older!
And I guess that's it for now.  How's that for a Meandering Monday?


Courtney said...

Great post! Sometimes a rainy day is just what is needed.

I really like the first photo of your earrings. The plain copper. Those are WONDERFUL!

Mary Newton Designs said...

I LOVE the new earrings! I think I like the top product photo best.

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

Love the toggle and the earrings- very pretty!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh that bezel is fantastic!!! So is the toggle - lovely work my friend!!!

Alice said...

I loved watching my kids play in the rain!!!! Heck, I love playing in the rain!

Your etched clasp and earrings are just lovely!!!! And your first soldered pendant is awesome! I took Stephanie's online class but never got to finish because my mom was so ill. Fortunately I purchased the DVD and hope to be able to get badk into it soon.

Have a wonderful week!

CraftyHope said...

Goodness! The things you are producing are just amazing! Keep it up.

As far as which of the photos, for some reason I like the first set of earrings but the photos of the second. Weird. . . And, I can't tell you at all why I like the second picture better. It's just an internal gut thing. Ah well! Best of luck as you move forward with these wonderful pieces.

GiGi said...

Such beautiful work. I love the first earrings and first photo.

BlackRose said...

Hellooo from Greece...fantastic post,great job...BRAVO !!

Καλησπερα απο την Ελλαδα και απο την ομαδα του ΣτάΛες στο ΓαΛάΖιο


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