Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday's Meanderings

Random Mondays, catch up Mondays, well, really, they're all the same things ;)
  • It's a gorgeous Monday outside.  And I'm stuck inside.  At my "real" job.  Lovely, huh?  Ah well.  You do what you have to do, don't you?
  • My Bead Soup Blog Party partner, Barbara Judy, received what I sent her.  Would you like to see it?  You can head over to her blog for a glimpse at everything I sent her.  But I do have a sneak peak here too!
hand-forged copper clasp
Etched copper crescent focal
it's got two holes at the arms of the crescent, and 5 holes at the bottom
hand-made copper ball pins
left with flame-coloring on them
4 etched copper bead caps
  • And the rest, well, you'll just have to go to Barbara's blog for details - I didn't take pictures of what I ended up sending her simply because I couldn't figure it out until just before packaging :) 
  • This weekend my 3 year old terror of a boy kept me on my toes!  Monday is sometimes like a relief after the weekend of keeping up with him.  Let's see, he managed to get himself all contorted so that he could fit into the cat's carrier, "cleaned" the bathroom (with toothpaste.), sprayed the unsuspecting dog with the water hose (4 times.), sprayed the unsuspecting mother with the water hose (once).  He also ate chicken nuggets.  And only chicken nuggets.  gah.
    Really.  I did not force him in there.
    • We had a picnic dinner with my parents at a local park  Kids, husband, me, gramma and papa, and memere (my grandmother - my kids are lucky and have 3 living great grandmothers.)  It was alot of fun and it really tired the kids out.
    •  We also had another picnic at the same park with my 5 year old's incoming kindergarten class.  It was chaos, fun and heart-stopping at times! 
      • I've just listed (well, earlier today) this pair of earrings over at my Etsy shop.  And I should be listing more tomorrow.  Hopefully.
      Light and Sparkles
      featuring Unicorne Beads glass buttons.
      • I'm quite jealous of everyone who went to BeadFest this past weekend!  One day, one day ;)  
      • There are a lot of Etsy treasuries out there featuring beauties made by those participating in the Bead Soup Blog party!  Go and do a search for BeadSoup2011 on the treasuries and be happy :)
      • My daughter has one week before she starts school and I'm woefully underprepared.  Good thing she has to wear a uniform, that's one less worry!  LOL
      • I've got so many projects on the burner they're all about to boil over!  But it's all good ;)  I won't stress out about it!   
      • I have the weekend to myself, as of Friday afternoon!  My dear husband is taking both kids camping with a group of friends.  I've got no idea what I'm going to do!  I haven't been completely alone like this for an extended period of time since we were first married, over 11 years ago.  I am, however, already setting up "Cake Night" - a night out with a friend where we have a dinner of cake and coffee and chattering like hens.  It's awesome!  I'm also hoping to have a creative playdate or two!  Yay!  Hopefully I won't worry about the kids that much ;)
      • Is it Friday yet?  I could really use Cake Night! 



      Wedding gift ideas said...

      The etched copper looks heavenly...the work is so perfect and delicate and the shape of the crescent moon is sure to adorn the neck beautifully.

      Cathie Carroll said...

      How do you keep it all together?
      Your boy is adorable and must be a joy!

      LOVE your avatar on Etsy- my favorite dog of all time was my Billie; a female German Shepherd. My Tommy and I are looking for a new girl.

      Warm regrads,

      Pretty Things said...

      The soup is AWESOME!


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