Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Monday

I'm all over the place today, so welcome to another installation of Random Monday!

  • I've teased you once or twice with mention of the July show of the Brimfield Fair, but haven't yet gotten around to posting about it.  So here are a few pictures!  Usually my husband and I try to schedule our vacation around the July show so that we can go two or three times.  This year, we did take our vacation at the time of the show, but only managed to go to the fair itself once!  I was disappointed, I admit, but not because of the vendors.  The July show is usually the slowest show, with less vendors than the May and September show.  My disappointment comes from not buying anything!  Usually our second or third trip is when I'll buy.  I am hoping that we'll get to go to the September show, but it's not looking good - we have a wedding to go to that same weekend!  ::le sigh:: 

*loved* this!

There's just something about antique rocking horses!

*LOOK* at all those printers drawers!
Serious case of longing going on here...
  • Seriously.  Pinterest.  Can't Stop.  Must get help.  (are you an enabler?  Enable me, please!  You can find me at hjwestfall)

  • My own creative time is lacking.  In a big way.  Couldn't craft my way out of a paperbag!  Maybe a craft-intervention is needed.  Must find crafty-friend to have a play date with soon......  ::Patty::  Or find some way of attending Art Is: or other such crafty gathering....
Go here.  *Now*!

  • My "Loved" necklace, featuring a cool heart focal from Barbara Bechtel/Second Surf, was featured in this Etsy Treasury!  Check it out and leave some love!

  • See what we've been doing alot of this summer?

  • So, I know you know about the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by the oh-so-capable Lori Anderson.  Right?  You do?  Cool!  Partners have been announced....happy dancing can commence! 
  • A moment or two ago I said that I haven't been able to create anything right?  Well, that's a partial lie.  I've been trying to get comfortable with my soldering iron.  It's working.  A bit.  Still need more practice ;)  But see what I've been working on?  

  • And I think I'll leave you with an ear bug or two....Sort of.  My kids love Simon's Cat.  Ask for it every time they see me on the computer.  So I'm going to thrill them with this tonight.


Anonymous said...

Holly, just look at those printer drawers! Oh, the beads I could store in them *sigh*!
The work you are doing with the soldering iron looks great, you are inspiring me to pick mine up and get to work.

P.S. You captured such great shots of your Waterbug and Kayak-boy! It looks like they are having a wonderful summer!

Miss Val's Creations said...

The Brimfield Fair looks fantastic! I love strolling through antiques on a sunny day! Your work looks great! I have yet to attempt soldering in fear of burning myself. Simon's cat cracked me up!!! ~Val


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