Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Texture Tuesdays}

Joining the awesome crew for Texture Tuesdays over at Kim Klassen's again, and we're playing with orange today!  Here's another taken at one of our favorite places, Old Sturbridge Village, last fall.  I loved this rooster, and he seemed to be quite taken with my 5 year old!  He followed us around for a while and then provided a bit of entertainment running rough shod over his harem of hens. 

On this shot, I used Boost from the Pioneer Woman's action sets.  Then I layered on two of Kim's textures, Serious Magic.  One layer was set at Screen blending mode, 100% opacity.  The second Serious Magic was set at Overlay blending mode, with a pumpkiny orange overlay, 29% opacity.  I then added a few grungy brushes to the edges. 

Please join everyone over at Kim's and check out all the texture action!  It's so much fun :)

1 comment:

Sylvia said...

What a lovely photo, so beautiful with Kim's texture !
Love the golden-orange of the feathers !
Wish you a nice day,


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