Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday
Better late... this is becoming a theme of mine, I suppose!  Being late with Bead Table Wednesday, that is.  Ah excuses, just goodies :)

I could also title this post "Plays with Silver", since that's mostly what is on my Bead Table!  I have a few shows coming up, and I always like to have a plethora of sterling silver earrings on hand.  Not that I usually sell many earrings, and truthfully, what is weird is that in my relatively conservative area, my copper earrings tend to sell better than silver.  If I sit down and analyze it, it might be because the copper is more unusual and unique than the sterling silver handmade earrings that are found at the shows and fairs I frequent.  So, since there aren't many selling copper, my stuff draws the attention and I get the sales....But I still like to have the sterling available.  So, that's what I'm working on right now!
Sterling silver and what was apparently *not* sterling silver wire scraps that have been balled.
Ready for pickling, and then they'll be turned into either earwires or basic head pins.
Another shot of the same balled scraps.
Handmade sterling silver earwires.
Am I the only one who pairs my earwires as I make them? 
  Or do you prefer to have a big ole jumble of earwires?

Sterling silver earwires

I now have 16 pair of sterling earwires to work with. 
This is not including those that I will make from the above wire scraps...

Scrap sterling silver.
Plans are a brewing for this, believe me! 
  I just have to get braver ;)

Bits and pieces of sterling that were too small to hit with the torch.
These are about an inch long, and I'll likely hammer these into paddle pins.

My idea journal
I collaged and played with the cover to personalize it.
The quote is from Kelly Rae Roberts.
  The picture is of my sister and I as little ones playing
in the sandbox our dad made for us.

I've also been on a bit of a book bender lately.  I really need to stop.  Seriously.  It's bad.  These have all made it into my personal collection within the past two weeks.  (Shhhh....don't tell my husband...)  Luckily, four of these were purchased at Borders Books, on clearance.  One, New Dimensions, I was lucky enough to win from Lisa of ABeadADay! Talk about lucky :)  The other two I just needed.  Badly.  (Wire Style 2 and Barbara Lewis' awesome book.) So I broke out the credit card.  Bad Holly, no more books for you!  ;)  Are you a book fiend like me? 

Oh, and yeah, those books, well, I'm missing two in that shot.  They're up on my nightstand.  Along with two other jewelry books that I borrowed from the library.  Really, I need to stop. 

Anyway, that's what is on my bead table this rainy gray and dismal Wednesday!  What's on yours?  And don't forget to check out the Flickr group to see more coolness! 


BooBeads said...

I pair my earwires together when I make them too. Mostly because I never seem to make more than one pair exactly the same! Ah maybe if I made them more often I would get better....

I have a terrible problem with buying books and NEVER using them. I have jewelry books that I've never opened the cover on but I know they are there, so when I might need one, it just might get used.

Leslie Todd said...

I pair my earwires when making them for the same reason as BooBeads--they match that way.

We have some of the same books in our stack. There are so many great books out now! I'm behind on some of them.

Lesley said...

Ahem! - Holly I think you have my scrap pot there...I'm sure those are my coils and clasps!! And yep - mine has 'not so' silver too.
I don't pair my earwires in the belief that I'd lose twice as many as I do now!!! :0)


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