Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday
Stirring away!

Welcome to another edition of Bead Table Wednesday!   Can I just tell you how much I love BTW?  I do have to start off with a quick story though, and ya'll can appreciate it, I'm sure! 

My day job is in the admissions office of a local liberal arts college.  On Wednesdays, we have our staff meeting.  Yesterday, Tuesday, an email flew around the office reminding us of the weekly event.

The email quickly was responded to with, "And don't forget it's BTW too!"

A reply came back, "BTW???"

"Bow Tie Wednesday!"

I was seriously tempted to respond, "Bead Table Wednesday!  Get with the program!"
But I withheld...although I was thisclosetodoingit!

Anyway, onto the real BTW!  ;)  I'm still stirring my Bead Soup, with a big wooden spoon!  The pot is boiling away, but just not quite *there*.

I'd torch-fired some copper head pins and enameled them, planning to work them into my pieces.  The colors are a bit muddy, so I need to play with these a bit more!

Some copper links.  I'm planning on patina'ing these.  Somehow.  Still working out the plan for these, so they might not be Bead Soup Blog Party ready!

Some of the nummy copper seed beads from my lovely partner.  See how perfectly they work with my beloved copper?

Miscellaneous bits and baubles that might show up in my finished pieces!  Don't you just love that awesome patina'ed chain from MissFickleMedia?  And that single yummy enameled bead from Barbara Lewis?  The copper barbells I did one day with some extra small bits of copper I had hanging around.

Luscious Czech glass and Swarovski crystal rounds....everyone must have a supply of something like this on hand!

So, what do you have on your Bead Table this lovely Wednesday?  And please don't forget to check out the flickr group, where much more beady goodness is being shown!

And have you ever brought your beady-self to work in such a manner?  Like I said, I wasthisclose to revealing my inner bead geek to those I work with!  It might not have been a pretty moment ;)


Annette said...

You know, I don't make jewelry but I love seeing what you jewelers have on your bead table. The colors and textures are just amazing and inspiring even for me!

CraftyHope said...

How often do YOU wear a bow tie to work!? ;)
Your bead table looks delish! I can't wait to see your reveal!

Therese's Treasures said...

I would have answered back "Bead Table Wednesday" and then LMAO at all the confused faces as they read it, yeah I'm mischievous that way! ;-)
I'm totally curious as to what your soup is going to turn out to be. The ingredients look pretty darn good.
See ya at the party.

Shel said...

Your Bead Soup ingredients look very tasty indeed!


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