Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall!

It's my favorite time of year, finally!

Does anyone else just fall completely and head over heels for fall like I do?

The smells, the feeling, the taste?
Honestly, what could be better?

via Pinterest

Oh, goodness, I just love it :)

Some of my favorite fall activities are the fall fairs, festivals and shows that you can find just about every weekend.  My family and I routinely go to some of the local county fairs around, and this year we are really finding that the kids are old enough to really start enjoying the fairs just as much as we do!

Maybe I'll have my Aggie-girl after all? 
It was *all* about the animals for her!
And the rides.  Of course.

Daddy's boy, that's for sure!
Those old engines were almost as huge a draw as the tractors!
I also always try to take in a few of the local craft and art shows.  (without kids.  or husband)  I find those to be so inspiring!  There's really nothing like creative spirits to revive your own spirit, is there?  But this year I'll be trying it a bit differently!   This year, my lovely friend Patty and I will be sharing a booth at the Ridgefield Cultural Festival on October 1st!

Yes, October 1st.  Which means we both have about a week to figure this thing out!  Uhmmmm....a week?  ::fainting dead away::

Yes, we signed up last minute.  As in the registration forms are going in today.  Ack.  So, does anyone with more experience have any tips?  I've done the craft fair thing before just a titch, but this will be Patty's first show!  So she's a bit nervous.  I'm a bit nervous.  But I know it'll be fun!  (If you know Patty, you know it will be!)  And much coffee will be imbibed upon, much shenanigans will happen and way too much laughter will be shared.  Oh, and of course, hopefully much jewelry will be sold!!  I am soooo looking forward to this! 

Don't forget to visit 
Patty's hysterical blog
Patty's lovely Etsy shop
and her FB!

So, then, what are some of your favorite activities in the fall?  And if you do shows, do you have any advice for the newbies? 


Miss Val's Creations said...

Fall is my favorite too. Being a lifelong New England resident, I find it to the best season. Some of my favorite Fall activities are leaf peeping (like a tourist), walking through fallen leaves, making apple sauce and simply enjoying the perfect air outside!!! Have fun at the fair! It will be a great time sharing the booth with a friend.

Starseed Jewelry said...

OMG!!! Those fall pics are so gorgeous. And, yes, I am a big fan of all those lovely fall shades of red, yellow, orange. Total yum.


gbkoru said...

Gorgeous! I love fall colors, they are my favorites.


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