Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Heart Macro
Scenes from my front porch

Once again, following the awesome Lori Plyler over at Studio Waterstone 
for I Heart Macro today...Please join us, it's tons of fun!

Today as I run around trying to get macro shots, I'm a bit stymied.

I try to get some of our crazy 7 month (or so) old kitten.

But they all come out like this:

As I said on Facebook,
trying to get macro shots of a kitten is like trying to stop the wind.

Doesn't happen.

So, instead, when my kids proved just as difficult, I moved to my favorite 
spot to try to get some cool, blog-worthy macro shots.  

The yard.  

I'm starting to put out my fall decorations, finally.  
I'm not one to put fall out in September.  
Early September is the end of summer, and I like to draw that out as much as possible.  
The last week of September, however, I'm done with summer.  
Bring on fall!  And that's when the fall decorations come out.  
Most notably, the mums.

For many years, I professed to a dislike of mums.  
Don't know why, and at this point don't care.  
Because I'm now loving them.  And it's about time!

These orangey-bronze colored mums are my husband's favorite.
Aren't these lovely?
I like the deep red mums the best.

And this is how they look on the front porch.

Coming up the right side of the stairs.

And the left side.

When do you start decorating for the fall?
Or do you not decorate seasonally?
I'll be pulling out the house decorations soon.

But not much before next week!
Because after today I'll be concentrating on getting stuff finished up for the craft fair that Patty and I will be doing together next Saturday!  Ackkk....must get to work...
here's a taste of what I worked on yesterday and Friday!

This is my first attempt at torch-fire enameling some connectors...
...still need to work on them abit ;) 
(Patty is from the awesome blog MyLifeUndertheBus and shop The Junquerie)

And don't forget to hop on over to Lori's blog for some more macro action!

studio waterstone


Tracey N. said...

Your mums are so beautiful! I am with you on the deep red color. I wish I had a set of steps like you do so I could do the same thing with mums.

a muted palette said...

What a lot of mums.
Like you, the red one struck me as being a little out of the ordinary. When they are all out, it will be a fantastic display. I'll come back for that if you don't mind.

Therese's Treasures said...

Holly, love your photos of your Mums. Best wishes on the craft fair next weekend.

T... said...

beautiful flowers, I love the steps to the porch and what wonderful pieces for your craft fair...good luck...

Shel said...

The Orange/Yellow mums are so beautiful - and I'm really digging your upclose jewelry pics, too!!

Asl always, your shots are amazing!!

Annette said...

Most of the shots of my granddaughter turn out like that. She doesn't sit still for anything! The mums are beautiful and say fall as much as pumpkins do! Good luck at the craft fair...I hope you sell out of everything! :)

em said...

Love those red mums, we have those blooming right now too!

hello gorgeous said...

gorgeous shots.....I "get" what you mean about two/four-legged ALWAYS seem to perform for you with stunning results! ;o)

I don't decorate for fall, think it's more of an american thing, maybe? Would love to see a post from you about it...the traditions and reasons why ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Anonymous said...

Holly, the mum photos should be printed and framed! The colors are spectacular! Good luck on the craft fair! I LOVE the wire earrings! Beautiful!

My Life Under the Bus said...

*Pretty yummy bits* Good grief those are some gorgeous mums!!! What were you thinking??? LOL ( I shouldn't be here I should be working!)


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