Sunday, October 2, 2011

i heart macro
on a rainy day

Welcome to a rainy day version of I Heart Macro!  
Please join me and the macro crew over at the awesomeness that is Lori's blog!

Well, yesterday was the really rainy day, today, it's moderately sunny.  But the forecast is for more rain, so we'll see what the day brings!  But anyway, here's how we spent our rainy day, in the house.  With two wild kids and one grumpy mommy!  ;) 


Art projects galore

Played with toys

Colored with crayons

More finger painting

Noshed on an apple pie from a local orchard

And still more finger painting!

Made pumpkin masks
The kids also practiced a play that they were going to put on for me, and I did a little bit of prep for the show that's been postponed, and did a bit of web-play too!   So, then, that's what we did yesterday, macro-style! 

Today hopefully we'll get the chance to get out of the house....even though I'm still a grumpy mommy ;)  But a little bit of a shopping spree will help with the grumps!  Too bad I dare not take the kids to the local bead store....  heh.  That'd be a disaster!  LOL  Oh, and I've promised the kids we'd make some cupcakes today!

What are you doing today?  And don't forget to check out the macro fun at Lori's blog!  :)

studio waterstone

And I'll leave you with a sound that I've been enjoying since I found it yesterday. 
This is Caro Emerald, and her voice is divine, her style is incredible and
she's a definite on my playlist from here on out :)  


T... said...

looks like you had a fun day despite the the fingerpainting....hope it wasn't too messy to clean up :)

Kym Hunter Designs said...

I love rainy day activities! Great pictures. I love the shot of the finger painting!

Have a great week!

Tracey N. said...

Looks like a wonderful day, the stuff memories are made of. The first shot almost looks like it was rained on.

Annette said...

Grumpy or not, you got some amazing shots! The first one is fantastic. I love the angle, the light, everything! Retail therapy usually helps me get over grumpy!!! Hope you're having a great day!

Pretty Things said...

Love, love, love the fingerpaint.

Nadege, said...

Love the finger painting.
The reflecting light in the first shot is wonderful.

CraftyHope said...

Rainy or not, it sounds like a lovely day! Glad you were able to stay busy.

Jenni said...

Sounds like a lovely the Crayola shot.


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