Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's not blow away, shall we?
AKA - The Ridgefield Cultural Festival

this post could alternatively be called 
"Holding down the fort" 
"Tape is a miracle" 
"Where the forghe is the food??" 

Okay, so you must know by now that Ms. Patty is a laugh-riot.  And in person?  Uhm, I forgot my Depends, and I'm gonna leave it to your imagination at that point ;)  To say that I had a blast at the Ridgefield Cultural Festival on Saturday with Patty would be an understatement.  I'm not going to give you a blow by blow of the whole day, but rather some high points.

Here's our set up
My side is the sage and brown, Patty is on the blue and brown side.
We shared the little table at the back as our sales/packaging area.

The day was super windy.  And while we had weighted down the tent, it was windy enough where we should have had more weights.  Our typical response, when people came into our tent, went something like "We're just hanging around, would you like to join us?"  Some people did.  Literally, we had more than one person grab at the tent or at displays when the wind got particularly gusty.  Thankfully, my lovely dress form Cecilia is quite a weighty girl.  She held down that side of the tent quite capably.  She was literally zip tied to the tent leg.

 Displays, unless taped down or bottom heavy, tended to go blowing in the wind.  I became very fond of my packing tape, using that on my necklace displays to hold them standing.  And we made ample use of masking tape too.  My earring displays, originally intended to be hung over my table,  were hung from the corner posts.  And had to be tied to the tent on the bottom of the frames to keep from trying to kill someone.  Yeah, really.

And what were my earring displays, you ask?
Frames that were painted ivory and then antiqued.
The background is cork tile that was painted with chalkboard paint.
Annealed steel wire was then strung across.
I made the earring cards myself and then just attached them to the wire with clothes pins.
This was only the second time I've done an outside fair.  And the first fair that I've done that didn't have food in sight.  At all.  Patty and I made use of our secret stashes (and not so secret) of chocolate.  And luckily a posse of Patty's friends came by.  And then left.  And then came back.  Bearing bagels and coffee.  They are now my best friends too.  Come on, wouldn't you love a Coffee & Bagel Posse?

See, that's the not-so-secret stash of chocolate I was talking about.
We had kisses and werthers. 
(yum.  yum. yum)
Patty brought the secret stash of peanut m&ms.
(yum. yum. yum.)

Oh, and I'd brought apples.  D'ya think they got eatten?  Yeah, no. Chocolate was the way to go.  All the way to go.  There's none left.  Caffeine and chocolate, what's better?  ;)

Wait, I just realized I hadn't yet shown you our table set ups.  We complimented each other very nicely, I think!  What was funny is that Patty and I matched the exact tonal variation on my sage green and her dusky blue.  Perfectly.  It was kinda cool!  And it unified us in a way that made it definitely eye catching and pleasing, and yet at the same time it was quite obvious that we were two different vendors.
Patty's side.
Her displays were just amazing!
My favorite display of hers were these awesome little earring frames.  So sweet, and perfectly Patty's style!  And I also loved her big huge frame on the easel too.  Just gorgeous! 

Here's my side of the tent.  Like Patty, I'd intended to go more vertical.  Yeah, didn't happen.  But overall, I'm pretty happy with how the displays and everything looked.

I will admit that my displays garnered alot of attention.  They're simple commercial "leatherette" displays that I'd covered in paper and paint.  The regular displays just didn't work for me, so some experimentation yielded a look that did!

I also had a few display stands and mirrors that I'd bought at Marshall's/TJMaxx.  As I did with the frames, these got a treatment of antiquing.  I bought them in ivory, thank goodness, but wanted to burnish some of the newness off of them.  I like them much better that way ;)

I'd say that the show was a great success, and a learning experience.  Sales were decent, and I think Patty and I did about the same.  Another thing of vending with someone - one of us typically had something someone would want!  I'd definitely recommend trying out a first time show with someone who compliments your own style, it really makes the show a great success....and way too much fun! 

Wait, Patty, my friend, how did we not get a picture of us together???  Oh, wait.  I know.  Who would have held the tent? 


My Life Under the Bus said...

Bahahaha I thought the same thing !!! No picture of us together - the wind must have started back up!

BooBeads said...

Uh yeah, Patty cracks me up too! I think I'd have to wear depends as well :)

I have yet to do any outside fairs, though I hope to include them next year.

I think you two definitely complimented each other- nice displays too!

Leslie Todd said...

I love your displays, both yours and Patty's. I bought some mini clothespins intending to do a display for my earrings similar to yours but never got around to it. I was just going to do a frame and wire, no backing. Not sure if that will work until I try it out.

It's really hard to go up with the displays, especially when you have to worry about wind. Congrats on a successful show!

Annette said...

You did such a great job on your displays. I can see why people were drawn to the space. It sounds like you had such a good time in spite of the wind. So glad it was a success!

Wendy said...

That's great to hear the show went well for you and Patty! I love how you displayed your jewelry. I did my first show in August and my booth design needs some work, lol.

Kate said...

Awesome! Both you gals keep me giggling and I love, love, LOVE the booth! So glad you didn't blow away!!

CraftyHope said...

Oh it sounds like you and Patty had a grand time despite the struggles with the tent!

The displays and your jewelry are just beautiful. I'm glad the show went so well for y'all.

Shirley said...

That sounds like such a great time. Nothing better than having a friend to hang with. I so love her big frame, and covering your leatherette ones with paper was perfect. A bit of visual interest, without taking away from the jewelry. I'm pretty surprised there was no food!

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

Gorgeous work, ladies!! Your booth looked lovely! I am so glad it was a success!

Wendy said...

Love your displays! I'm building toward doing my first show, and keeping my displays fairly cheap and functional is a HUGE challenge.


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