Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

It's Bead Table Wednesday, still, right?  
Ah, yes, good, but only just ;)  

In between my day job, being a mom to two sprites, a wife, and trying to prep for the last two shows I've got (one more - tomorrow - phew!) I've been running my wheels into the ground.  (you'll notice there's no mention of cleaning or cooking in there...bless my husband...the chef!  Now you know who's been feeding everyone!) 

But it's all good, and I've even managed to eke out a little time for myself.  You know, 1/2 hour here, 40 minutes there.  And in those minute snatches of time, I've been able to play a little bit.  (who needs sleep anyway?)  I've been experimenting with new-to-me techniques, and pulling out supplies that have sat in the craft closet a bit too long.  But I've also been enduring a few interruptions too, during those stolen minutes. 

Yep, one of the sources of my interruptions...
 What am I working on when I can manage it?  
Well, I've played a bit with riveting.  
Here's an example.

This will be a bracelet focal, eventually....once I have more time.  I fold-formed some copper sheet, and then oxidized it, and tried my hand at tube riveting.  This was my first time working with tube rivets.  It was quite interesting, to say the least!  In this case, I used sterling silver 2 mm crimp beads. 

Only problem I had, other than the riveting itself, is that my crimps kept getting stolen.  That's right, I have a thief on my hands.

But she's not saying nothin'.  (luckily I managed to grab all the crimps she stole...can you imagine that explanation to the vet?  "Yes, sir, she stole my sterling silver and then ate it."  No thanks.  'Specially since I used to work for my vet.) 

After playing with that copper focal, and fold-forming a second piece that I haven't yet photographed, I pulled out some supplies I haven't touched in about 5 months.   And boy, did it feel good to sit down with a pencil in hand!  Here's how she progressed...

This is a pencil sketch that I then colored using Prismacolor colored pencils.  Have I mentioned lately that I love Prismacolors?  They are waxy and lush and so fun to play with. 

Well, when I wasn't trying to keep the kitten off of the desk, that is.  I think I got up for a soda at this point, and came back to this.  Thanks, Cat.

Here's how she ended up.  I do need to figure out a background for her, and do all of the accompanying work, but it was just fun to play and sketch and build up color without having a plan.  When I've finished with her, I'll show her to you.  

So, yeah,def not your typical Bead Table Wednesday, but honestly, this is what I had on here this morning!  ;)  Please check out all of the other awesome Bead Tables that are out there!  Here's the Flickr link, too.

And now we'll both say goodnight!  :)


Annette said...

Wow Holly, your photos are beautiful! It always feels good to me to get out the fabric and "stuff" for a project bought months before and finally start on it. I'm always in awe of people who can draw and paint. Your sketch is lovely and I look forward to seeing it all finished!

CraftyHope said...

Busy, busy, busy!

First, I love that fuzzy kitty foot.

Secondly, the metal piece is great and the riveting is so cool. I had no idea it was possible to tube rivet with crimp beads. Interesting!

Lastly, you can sketch as well as bead? I'm so jealous! Your artwork is beautiful. I'm sure you're thankful for the "me time." Enjoy it! :)

Jenni said...

I am loving your metal piece..first time with rivets...fantastic. I have been trying, too and mine look disgusting! Think I might try the crimp bead idea...I was cutting copper hard to make it small!
I love the folding and texturing too..just beautiful. And your little cat is cute..but naughty!


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