Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Heart Macro
Thanksgiving in New Jersey

Of course, since today is Sunday, I'm playing along with I Heart Macro over on Lori Plyler's awesome blog...please join us!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We sure did, and in fact, that's where my I Heart Macro shots come from.  We spent the holiday down in New Jersey, visiting my lovely sister Sarah and her family.  Here are some of my favorite macros...and let me tell you, did I get some funny looks while I was taking them!  But who cares, they were worth it!   ;)

Boy toys abound
My boy and my nephew are six weeks apart and get along wonderfully.
It's not unusual to see them hugging each other!

Pretty miniature glass salt and pepper shakers

Hydrangeas are my sister's favorite flower.

Billiards, anyone?
This is the side of the pool table - it's covered in metal.
and is gorgeous.

Super-cool chandelier

Sterling Silver Flatware

The table settings

The turkey was so very good!  Nice and moist.

Yeah, not a macro
My husband, who helped with the turkey, stuffing and gravy.
He's a chef - I married him for his mad skills in the kitchen ;)
'Cuz I'm pretty useless there...seriously.

So, then, how was your Thanksgiving?  Did you go anywhere?  Or stay home?  And, did you cook?  Was there anything in particular you were thankful for?  Me, I was just thankful to be with my family!!

Click on the link below, and check out what everyone else did for I Heart Macro Sunday!!  
It's always good :)
studio waterstone


Kristi Bowman said...

Good stuff Holly!! I'm very curious to see the entire pool table, looks very cool!

Therese's Treasures said...

Holly, glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. I'm with Kristi I would love to see the whole pool table I have never seen one covered in metal sheeting before.

T... said...

what wonderful shots you've the metal pool table...never came across one in metal.... and flatware great detail

CraftyHope said...

Each of these photos are really great. A chef husband. . wow. SO lucky!!
I hope (and it looks like you did) you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sharyl said...

Those lovely hydrangeas! The salt and pepper shakers look like works of art!

Shel said...

These are all so cool! I'm really liking the salt and pepper shakers!! And I too, would love to see the ! :)

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

Holly, your jewelry is beautiful and your holiday amazing - the macros were fabulous. How lucky to have a "chef" in the family - looking good. thank you, kareninkenai (i heart macro)


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