Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a quick (or not so quick!) "HELLO!"

So, yeah, I disappeared from bloglandia for a little while...
no reason, just kinda happened.  You know, real life and all!

Real life.
With two little kids during the holiday season.
Fun, right?

Of course :)

But I'm also missing everyone who visits, and just want to say "Hi!" to everyone. 
So here's you go!

"HI!  What are you up to?  Anything good?"

Well, for us, other than the usual, my daughter has officially had her first horseback riding lesson.  Yes, this is a Big Thing.  I started riding when I was six years old, thanks to a wonderful family friend.  Since then, I've had a slight obsession with anything equine (emphasis on slight, tone set to exagerate), so to see my daughter enamoured with riding, just like me, is a precious and wonderful thing.  I have just recently learned of a wonderful lesson barn about a half hour away, and will be signing her up for official lessons in the spring, when she's actually six.  

 And my boy?  Well, he's a boy.  What else can I say?  He'll be hopefully doing T-ball or soccer come the spring because he needs something to help him expend his energy!  'Cuz I certainly can't keep up ;) 

  Of course, we have to get through the holidays first, and then the winter, before we get to spring.  But it's all good.  But I suppose I should start shopping.  Because we only have, what, 10 days, right?  

Gah, excuse me while I go hyperventilate!!

Phew.  Okay, s'all good.

But does anyone have any pie?

And maybe some wine?

Ha.  While I go back to hyperventilating, I'm going to leave you with a few things.

I've just listed my earrings and bracelet from the Second Annual Challenge of Color Blog hop to my etsy shop.  Please check them out!

Sprinkles earrings

Sprinkles bracelet

I've also been featured in three treasuries recently too :)
So please do check the treasuries out, they're gorgeous!


Almost Precious said...

Smile busy lady ! :)
It happens to us all at this special but hectic time of year. Christmas is truly all about family and dear friends, may you enjoy their love and their companionship during this Holiday Season.

ps - I have a granddaughter who thinks horses are the best thing this world has to offer.

Annette said...

I'm hyperventilating right there with you!


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