Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!
and I Heart Macro

May you have a happy, healthy and fun New Year!

And Happy Birthday to my little girl who growing up oh, so fast!
I never knew six years could fly by so quickly!
(she's a New Years Eve baby)

(picture taken this past summer in New Hampshire)
And I'll leave you with a few images, macro and otherwise, of my sweet girl Meadow,
who we had to let cross the Rainbow Bridge this past Friday.  Suddenly and shockingly.

Puppy girl, your brought so much into our lives.  
We will love you forever, and miss you beyond that.

So, yes, you can see that this past week has been 
an emotional roller coaster for all of us here.

Joyous celebrations, crushing sadness, 
moments of flying high, seconds of doubt and unknowing. 

But we know that 2012 will be a better year for us, 
and as such look forward to it, embracing all it's potential. 

(and please join the awesome crew who participates in I Heart Macro over at Lori Plyler's inspirational blog)


T... said...

beautiful shots, Happy Birthday to your Daughter and a Happy New Year to all....

Genie said...

Such wonderful and poignant captures. My daughter lost her “Snappy” (a mini schnauzer) of cancer just a few day before Christmas so I know the feeling. Went in to be groomed, groomer found lumps, went directly to vet (had had a check up 1 month earlier), and ver said 3 days to 3 weeks....he died in 3 days in my 20 year old grandson’s lap. Happy Birthday to your precious daughter. Yes, time flies....we need someone to make “little girl dust” so we can keep them small just a little bit longer. Happy New Year. genie

Mellisa said...

So very sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful girl...

I hope you have a wonderful 2012 with fewer of those rollercoaster dips :)

Annette said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little girl! Your beloved Meadow was beautiful! I hope your new year is a happy one for all of you!

Carole Meisenhelter said...

lovely photos and understand your loss and heartache. A very photogenic daughter loving the binoculars too. Take care..

Jenni said...

Happy birthday to your daughter...such a gorgeous age.
Sorry to hear about Meadow...what a gorgeous looking girl she is to 2012, may it bring happy events and good health to you all.

Sharyl said...

Sorry for your loss. It's hard to have such conflicting strong emotions all happening at once. But a very Happy B-day to that darling girl! That's a lovely photo of her!

kareninkenai said...

beautiful images; and, such a wonderful shepherd (my daughters beautiful pet just passed on dec 17 and we know how much family they become) - lovely. thank you for sharing all of your photos today. happy new year. kareninkenai

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

I am so so sorry for your loss, Holly. My heart aches for you and your family. I hope your hearts heal soon. Big, Big (((HUGS))), and all my best wishes for you to have a brilliant 2012!

Shel said...

I'm sorry for your loss. My sis and her family lost one of their dogs this year as well and it's not easy - especially at this time of year!

But, I must admit, those are amazing photos - she was gorgeous!


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