Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday
It's been a while!

So, yeah, it has been a while since I've played Bead Table Wednesday with ya'll!  I haven't really been in the creative mood lately for some reason.  So my desk/bead table has gotten covered in well, just plenty of STUFF.  I'm sure you know how that goes ;) 

Copper Chain - call me obsessed, but I am ;)

But this past weekend my husband and I piled the kids in the car and went for a visit to our favorite place in the world.  Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA.  The weather was gorgeous, and we just let the kids run.  and run.  and run.  And we all had a blast.  Before we got there, however, Eric and I decided to go on our separate ways for a little while.  So he dropped me and Erin off at the local bead store, while he and Nate went to the local knife store.  Serious.  A knife store. 

Various beads and art beads

My husband, by trade, is a chef, so of course he covets nice knives just like I covet pliers.  And Dexter-Russell is based in Southbridge, MA, right next to Sturbridge, so he enjoys going to the Seconds store on occasion.  He picks up some awesome knives for great prices.  As he did this the tune of $40.  For knives that would normally be $160 or so. 

A close up of some of the art beads.
I married a bargain hunter ;)  Did I tell you about the time he bought $600 of fishing and camping equipment for $6?  Serious.  It's a family "thing", asking Eric how much he spent on his various gear. 

Anyway, in addition to the fun we had at OSV, Eric & I had fun at our two additional stops.  I bought a few things at the bead store that caught my eye, but not at Eric's bargain prices ;)  And that is what is covering my bead table these days.  I do have projects planned for these lovely new beauties.  And I *will* work on them.  :)  Promise.  And I also have to start the three custom pieces I have on my To Do list.  And I also have to finish and start a number of other projects that creative energy had better find me again soon!  LOL

Oh, and here's my favorite shots of the kids at OSV.  Simply because I have to. 

And you can now find me Instagram'ing it!  Well, trying to, that is.  I'm hjwestfall, should you want to follow me ;)  And yes, the bead photos are Instagram'ed.  It's a bit fun...and addictive.  LOL

Anyway, that's my BTW and "what we did this weekend" post.  Hopefully I'll be back to blogging on a more regular basis once again!  What's on your worktop this fun Wednesday?

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CraftyHope said...

Don't you just LOVE Instagram? Of course you may have noticed that I've already commented on many of your pictures over there!

I love your hubby's bargain hunting skills. Amazing. I'd love to know his secrets!

It sounds like y'all had a fun day. The picture of the kids hugging each other is so stinkin' sweet!!


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