Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'd like on my
Bead Table Wednesday

Happy Bead Table Wednesday!  Well, really, for me it's a What I'd Like on my Bead Table Wednesday, simply because I don't have anything on my bead table at the moment.  I had two projects I was finishing yesterday, and cleaned the bead table once I finished those, I put everything away in preparation for starting another project or twenty.  ;)  

So, since I've put myself on a bit of a bead diet lately, and have been quite good, I've decided to indulge myself a bit...

And my first indulgence, of course, is of the equine kind.  I just love EquosDesigns' offerings.  Her Etsy shop is usually one of my first stops.
Celtic Pegasus Pendant

With these, I'm trying to stay away from my usual palette of greens and blues and browns...aren't they gorgeous?  I love ArteBella, and I know so many of you do too!
Czech glass

I then ventured on to Diana of Suburban Girl Studios, and found this lovely Gingko pendant.  Gingko...such lovely leaves.  But have you *smelled* one?  Oh goodness.  Not so lovely.  We have a gingko tree in front of our building at work.  Not cool.  In the least.  Why, oh why, would you plant such a smelly tree in front of a college admissions office?  Really.  It's bad.  LOL  But I'm so glad the pendant is not!  It's beautiful.
Gingko leaf pendant

These lovely lampworked beads are because my six year old is all about the pink.  But, then, do you know any six year old girls who aren't?  I just adore SpawnofFlame...
Pink Velvet

And because I love beadcaps, I next visited with MetalMeThis and found these lovelies in copper.  Because copper is my favorite material to work with. 
Copper beadcaps

And lastly, I'll leave you with this incredibly detailed button from uniquebuttons.  Isn't it just amazing?
Black Flower button

So, then, what's on your bead table today?  Or is your bead table, like mine, still in your mind?


Metal Me This said...

Great finds, Holly! Thanks for the inspiration and the plug.


LeAnn said...

Wow! thanks for showing my button!

Cillaw said...

I love these kind of blogs! Fun~!


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