Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Because...

...I can't help myself...

Let's just say huge fan.
Can't wait for tomorrow.
Leave it at that.
(Gleek, out.)

(seriously.  song on repeat.  can't stop.)

Anyway, what's coming up in the next few weeks has really gotten me into a tizzy.  I'm going to be a bit busy...

This upcoming weekend I've got my first (and only!) show of the spring.  If you want to visit me, please come visit me at the Spring Fling Craft Show, held in lovely Berlin, CT this Saturday.  

The next weekend, May 5th, is the One Crayon Color Challenge, hosted by the awesome Sally Russick of the Studio Sublime!  My color for this challenge is going to be a bit of a challenge for me.  Black.  Why will black be a challenge, you ask?  Simple.  I wear a lot of black, in fact, most of my wardrobe consists of black.  But I don't *work* with alot of black.  So therein lies the challenge.  But that's the fun of a challenge, isn't it?

And then, on May 13th is the reveal for the Button Swap, hosted by the awesome Cindy Wimmer!  My partner for that swap is none other than Sally Russick!  And what Sally sent me is just such yummy goodness...I was in awe when I opened the package!  It included a gorgeous Lisa Peters button, four incredible copper buttons, and four beautiful vintage buttons!  A veritable overload of goodness, Miss Sally, thank you, thank you, thank you!

instagram'ed pic of my received goodies!

And in the between times, I've also got my "regular" life to attend to as well!  End of the year activities are starting to gear up for the kids.  We've got swimming, Daisies, dance recital and pictures, getting my parent's lake house opened, our 12th wedding figuring out camp schedules and summer activities.  Life really doesn't slow down as you get older, does it?  LOL

So, then, what are you hoping to accomplish this week? 

1 comment:

Sally Russick said...

Holly, I'm so glad that you love the buttons I sent! :)
I'm as booked as you are with hops and life in general! Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to find to get everything done!! I think it's the coffee that keeps me going!


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