Friday, May 4, 2012

Post-spring craft fair recap
& a bit of eye candy

I've been a bit quiet this week, I know.  I did a craft show on Saturday, and needed a bit of a recoup-time as a result.  It was a successful show, and am very happy about that!  This is a definite "Do Again" show.  Although traffic was a bit slow (it's only the third time they've had this particular show, and they just started advertising it locally this year), sales were pretty consistent, and I did get many comments and compliments.  Here are a few pictures of my booth....because that is always my favorite part of the "Post Show Blog Review"!  ;)
(please note these pics were taken with my not the best, but okay)

I was situated in a very plum spot!  Right next to the doors leading to the second, larger, room!

My colors are brown and sage green, with a touch of grunged cream.
I always try to carry that, along with a well, not shabby, not grungy,
but kinda/sorta both, feel to my booth and displays. 

Other than my modified displays, I tend to use crates, old wood jewelry boxes, old books
and things like that to add layers and texture and interest to my booth.
My favorite accessory, though, is the old wooden easel I use for one of my earring displays. 
The easel was used by my husband's aunt, and I was overjoyed when my MIL passed it on to me.
Especially since that aunt raised my feels going on there, what can I say ;)

Oh!  I forgot to mention.  This was the first time that I've used Square to accept credit cards.  I used it on my iPad.  *LOVE* this option!!  I think that I only had two non-Square purchases...that "Yes, I can take cards" made all the difference in the world I think.

And, ugh, I hate this, simply because I'm super camera-shy (there's a reason I'm usually behind the camera)...but my sister took a picture of my at my booth that I'm actually okay with posting!   Seriously.  I hate photographs.  Of myself.  ;)  Ah well.  It's always good to put a face with a name, I guess!  LOL

So, then, I'll leave you with some eye candy...these are some of the pieces that did not sell.  I'll be listing them to Etsy soon, I think...

Copper links from Kristi Bowman Design, Czech glass and handmade SS earwires

Brass, copper and ocean jasper

Fold-formed copper focal, zoisite, Czech glass and copper clasp

Teal lampworked spacers from TheSpacerQueen, copper drops acquired from the LMAJ Art Bead Love Tour, copper bead caps and handmade sterling-filled earwires.

Incredible lampwork from StudioJuls, copper bead caps,
MOP & handmade sterling-filled earwires

Copper focal, etched and patina'ed by me, bronzite, turquoise, jasper and handmade copper clasp.

Vintage glass, copper discs and handmade sterling-filled earwires.
And do come back tomorrow!  
(and still have to finish my piece...ugh.  I work well under pressure...ha.)

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Beadbug said...

I love the look of your booth the colors are perfect and display your pieces with flair.

Penny Neville said...

Love the both, the colors are very neutral and they feature your beautiful jewelry. Great picture of you too!!

Annette said...

Beautiful setup Holly! I'm so glad the show was a success for you. Your jewelry is gorgeous!

Patti Van said...

Your booth setup is great-perfect color choices! And your jewelry, well, just gorgeous!


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