Monday, June 4, 2012

garden tour
aka the muse is not in the house

My muse has been a bit...distracted...lately.  I haven't created anything of any real meaning in about a month!  And really, I'm going stir crazy with it.  But I just can't get up the motivation to actually pick up any of my tools.  I think my muse is enjoying the weather and the spring this year!  (and instagram...she's def infatuated with can find me at hjwestfall, should you be so inclined :)  To that end, all I have to share today are some photos from my garden! 

Even though my lilacs are done blooming for the year, I have to share this shot with you.  I absolutely love lilacs - I've got 4 bushes in the backyard.  This shot is from my oldest and biggest bush.  It gives me the most lovely blooms and this year was overflowing!

My bleeding hearts - yep, they're white.  And yep, done for the year too. 

Bright red Gerbera Daisies.  The nursery school my son went to this year always has a wonderful flower sale as a fundraiser, and these were part of that sale.  I bought about 8 pots of the Gerberas in different colors - they're just so fun and summery!

One of my peony plants.  I've got three peonies, and I love them all.  This plant and the other in my backyard, which is white, my husband got for me when a co-worker was replanting his yard and wanted to get rid of the peonies.  Eric happily took them, without even knowing what colors they were or what the plants looked like.  These babies are just amazing, as are the white ones!  Def a good score ;)

I have an infatuation with roses.  I think I have about 10 or 12 different rose bushes in my yard!  These are the climbing roses on my front porch - Zepherine Droheim.  And I absolutely *love* these roses.  I have to literally sit on my hands to prevent instant acquisition when I find them online or in an actual brick & mortar!  Their scent is just amazing, and I always get comments from visitors as they walk up the front walk.

Another of my roses.  This is in my back yard, right against our deck.  It's a huge rose, that's totally too big for the spot it's in.  But I'm not going to move it, because it's just amazing!  It's a yellow rose, a David Austen, but I can't remember exactly which! 

Now, after looking at these photos, you might think that I take gardening seriously.  And I'm going to disabuse you of that notion pretty quickly!  I love puttering in the garden, but that's about all that I do ;)  Putter - there's really no effort put into these plants as of right now.  Nor is there likely to be.  I'll deadhead and trim sporadically, but that's it.  And weeding?  Ha.  Yeah right.  There's a reason I like a Cottage Garden style, with plants overflowing and huge!  And nope, I really don't spray or anything like that....or when I do, it's usually not on a schedule and when I see a problem develop.  And then, I use stuff that's organic.  Kids, after all ;) 

Well, that's all, I guess.  Did you enjoy your brief tour?  I'm sure you'll see more outdoor and garden tours in the near future...this is only a small bit of what my husband and I have going on in our yard! 

I'll leave you with a question - when your muse isn't being creative in her usual ways, where does she take you?


Jenni said...

Your garden is delightful... All the plants I love! I am a mad rose lover, too.As far as the muse goes... If something is not working... I give it a rest for a while and try something entirely different... Painting, embroidery, photography. You are so artistic... She will come back soon.. Don't stress.. Enjoy the change.

Almost Precious said...

Lovely garden and beautiful blossoms. Thanks for the tour.

As for the Muse, sometimes she needs a vacation ... I think we all do occasionally. I agree with Jenni, dabble in something else for a bit, it helps to refresh our creativity and sometimes doing another art or craft can suddenly re-inspire us. :)


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