Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Texture Tuesday

Quite a while back I used to participate on Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesdays.  I've gotten out of that habit, but some of the pictures I'd taken over Memorial Day weekend just lend themselves to playing with texture a little bit.  After playing around, here's some of my texture work...and I added some actions by ThePioneerWoman too.  Please enjoy!  These were all taken on our yearly Memorial Day/Anniversary trip to Old Sturbridge Village, where we were married twelve years ago.

The Meeting House.  Yes, where we were married.
(textures by KK and actions by TPW)

Some pretty weeds
(actions by TPW)

One of the two covered bridges in the village.  
This was originally the entrance to the Village back when it originally opened in the 1940s.  
 (textures by KK and actions by TPW)

The old water wheel.
This one has disintegrated in areas, and the village is making a new one, using old techniques and tools.
(actions by TPW)

Mike and Jim, the Belgians pulling the visitors wagon.
(actions by TPW)

 The roofline and window of the Blacksmith's Shop.
(actions by TPW)

One of the roses, I think from the Towne House garden.
(TPW actions)

Columbine from the Parsonage Garden
(TPW actions)

 Two different peonies, both found in the Towne garden.
(TPW actions)

One of these days I'll share the photos I took of the kids while we were here...although, honestly, they might be from another visit!  Most of the ones I took this time around were of them, running away from us ;)  When we visit OSV, the kids have the ability to run until they're exhausted.  I love it because it makes for very tired children come bedtime!  And isn't that always a wonderful thing?  Anyway, that's it for a quick visit to OSV.  Hope you enjoyed!

I'll leave you with a pair of earrings that I finished up this morning.  These will likely be in the Etsy shop later today or tomorrow.  
Brass and sodalite
handmade earwires & brass sticks by me, commercial daisy spacers and brass headpins.

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Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

Really gorgeous photos, Holly- I love those peonies!! Mine din't bud this year- I just transplanted them last year- I did this once before, and they usually bloom the second year- I hope so , because they are one of my favorite flowers!


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