Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bead table wednesday

it's been a while since I've participated in bead table Wednesday, but since I pulled out the beads and metal and wire this past weekend, and it's all still on my workspace, well, here we go ;)

here's a quick shot of one of my copper boxes.  have I told you lately how much I love copper?  yup.  i so do.

here's a bit of what I was working on this morning.  yup.  this morning.  when I realized I didn't have anything that matched what I was wearing today.  heh.  how many times have I done this?  and ended up late (or just on time) to work??  you can also see some of the other pieces I've got my eyes on for various projects

these are two of my most used tools.  Love my bail pliers and my wire straighteners.  and yep, I use my muffin tin all of the time!  it's the perfect spot for storing stuff I don't want the crazy kitten to steal or knock off my desk.  until the one or ten times she ends up knocking the muffin tin off of the desk.  yeah.  not fun.  at all.

and here's one of the pendants I was working on this weekend.  It's a brass pendant that I did a tiny bit of fold forming on, a bunch of texturizing and stamped the word "truth" on.  I also oxidized the pendant and used a smidge of gilders paste on it.  it's waiting for me to play with today, when I get my midnight creative burn going on!  ;)

unshown here is my fire station, which I spent a bit of time at over the past few days when I wasn't bugged by kids and heat.  I played a bit with soldering some links, a bit with enamel and a bit with fold forming.  I also balled a whole bunch of copper head pins.  and spent some time cleaning and straightening things up.  i haven't spent much time with fire or beads lately, so this was a very nice change.  it felt really good to get my bead going again!

here's two of the projects I completed....earrings.  cuz you simply can't have too many earrings, can you??  yeah.  no.

soldered copper figure-8 links, Czech glass flowers and faceted rounds, balled copper head pins, and handmade sterling filled earwires.

now, i want to ask a quick question.  how do you deal with soldering your pieces?  when I solder, be it copper or brass or sterling, I tend to like a messy look to my work - I leave the piece as it comes out of the flame with a little bit of cleaning but not much done.  I love the color of the metal after it comes out of the flame, if it's copper, that red and firey color is lovely.  and the color of brass and sterling after soldered is just gorgeous.  whatever the mess of solder looks like after, if it's really a mess, I work with it a little bit.  and i usually end up oxidizing the heck out of it too.  I like an organic, earthy look to my pieces usually...and I guess it shows...

these earrings feature cool mookite spears and twisted, twined copper hoops.  the earwires are handformed from sterling filled wire.

well, I guess that's all for now...unless I manage to get an instagram shot of the necklace and earrings I ended up making for today's outfit :)  what's on your bead table this hot, humid and suddenly thunderstorming Wednesday?

and check out the flickr group for more btw!


Shirley said...

well, I should have posted a pic, but was feeling the barometric pressure from today's storminess, so didn't work on my table at all. I haven't tried soldering yet, as my hubs has a great fear of me and fire together. But I do tend to like them the same way you do. I think it makes it look more original and interesting. I love those earrings, and yes, I do want to see what you made. If I had tried to make something before work, I would have had to call in sick! :)

Susan Lloyd said...

I am in love with your truth focal point...will have to save some pennies to get some supplies from you!


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