Saturday, July 14, 2012

a little beady goodness

so I haven't forgotten that I also post stuff about my jewelry adventures here too.  it's just I've been doing so many other things lately that the jewelry play hasn't been what it should be.  but yesterday I was able to sit down and finish a project that had been staring at me for a bit too long.  couldn't figure out where this piece wanted to go.  and still not sure of it, if it's finished or not, but here's where it stands now, and I *like* this puppy!

the focal on this bracelet is a fold formed piece of copper, with connectors of sterling filled wire.  vibrant blue sari silk and a handmade copper clasp finish the bracelet. 

i love how this piece melds both soft and hard, and it fits me perfectly.  i'm trying to decide if additional strands of beads, copper, most likely, with sterling accents, would finish the bracelet off, or if it's complete as is.  what do you think?

and, more on the beady front, would you believe that I'd forgotten about a stash of new beady goodness that I'd bought over vacation??  really.  I'd gotten these at the local bead store in Sturbridge, MA, when we were at the lake a few weeks ago.  I'd stashed them in my glove compartment and just remembered them yesterday!  ha.

these are just the two strands of Czech glass that I'd gotten.  I think I'm on a blue bender....

the copper yumminess in the right hand side of the tin are also the result of my bead shopping.  love those big copper rounds.  blue and copper, my favorite combination right now! (interesting note - my camera recognized the face of my glass tile pendant wip as a face!  ha.  sorry, I just had to laugh when that came up! ;))

anyway, since we're getting ready to go up to the lake again, just to escape the heat, I'm done here ;)  have a great weekend!  what are you doing?

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