Wednesday, July 25, 2012

not a bead table wednesday

yep, it's a "not a bead table wednesday" post today!  I neglected to take pictures of my bead table yesterday and this morning both...and believe me, I've been working away!  ah well.  so I guess what I'll do is give you an eye candy post.  although if you follow me on facebook, you've likely already seen these! 

I've recently become infatuated with Czech glass.  I mean, I've know about it forever.  and have liked it for as long.  but for some reason I didn't pull it out for use as often as I looked at it.  that's a good way!  these earrings feature Czech glass flowers hung on copper chain for a lovely bit of swing, brown and earthy looking Czech glass rounds, handmade copper balled headpins and handmade copper earwires.  just put these in my Etsy shop...

quite a while back I played with Viking Knit.  this bracelet features one of those pieces and a beautiful bracelet focal from Heather Powers.  carnelian accents the focal, and handmade copper cones and a copper clasp finish this bracelet, which wraps around the wrist.  just listed this to Etsy too!  

I love this simple style of earring!  brass charms have been etched, then hammered for texture and antiqued.  dark green olivine "jade" have been added with brass Vintaj bead caps, and then hung on brass leverback earwires.  another "just listed" too :)

let's see, is there anything else new in the beady world?  well, no, not for me so much, I guess.  I've just recently sent in an application for another fair in October, so hopefully I'll hear back soon about that.  that would be two shows in October for me.  I'm also checking out another fall show or two and hopefully will find out more information on those soon. 

I've also recently had an inquiry or two for some of my components, which I've never thought about selling in the past...but am now contemplating!  I guess I'm trying to decide if it's something that I could, logistically, do...I do have my husband's blessing though, and I guess that's half the battle!  any thoughts?

and I guess that's it for me....what is your bead table looking like today?

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jelveh Designs said...

I love Czech glass and like you have a lot of it and do not work with it that often, I think partly since i make glass beads of my own...your post inspires me to get moving on making more inventory from said beads for a new shop I have my items in and our Christmas show in early November at the studio...
about your other question on selling your components...this is my experience and probably will never be yours...I have purchased a lot of sterling silver components to use in my jewelry in the past and to list on etsy and to sell...however for some reason much to my husband's dismay I am hording all of the Silver Findings I have and not sharing them with anyone, the poor things only get taken out every so often and get admired and put back in...from your blog and your lovely work, it looks as through you are a lot more motivated than me, so with this I say good luck with your new venture I am sure you will do well...


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