Friday, August 31, 2012

and she rises from the depths...

so I keep disappearing.  yeah, I know.  doesn't make for easy blog reading.  I guess my only excuse is that it's summer.  and it's crazy.  3 different week long vacations.  (I have a wonderfully generous family to put up with us!)  regular summer activities.  the lake.  kids getting together.  you know the drill, I'm sure.

what I haven't had is much time for is the studio.  no jewelry time. or well, really, not that much.  I think my supplies have been put away since my last post, if not before.  however, with 3 (yes, three) fall fairs on the way and the possibility for more (trying to decide if I can do it or not, logistically), I figure it's time to get my bauble back on!  so that's what I'm doing.  and I'm starting off the best way I know how.  preparing last minute for a challenge ;) 

I'll leave you two hints.  can you figure out what challenge?

1 comment:

Annette said...

I always found it hard to be productive in the summer when the kids were home. Fall was always the time for recharging. I'm looking forward to the baubles that will come out of your studio! :)


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