Thursday, August 16, 2012

just a little bit of eye candy

I've been a bit busy lately, working on things.  so much so that the muse has taken to inhabiting my dreams at night.  but when she hits me with simple, yet gorgeous ideas like these, I'm not going to let it bother me that badly!

handmade brass links with lapis and a brass toggle clasp
yep, I made those links
fire hound, that's me, the firefighter's daughter!

I've been playing with brass a lot recently.  copper is my metal of choice, but I am trying to branch out a little bit, and brass is where the branch is leading :) 

handmade brass links, faceted dark purple agate (i think!),
Vintaj beadcaps, and handmade brass clasp

handmade "Truth" pendant, with agate, brass chain and handmade brass clasp
still have to oxidize the clasp!  maybe I'll remember this way ;)

it seems as if I've been bitten by the Instagram bug.  we bought new phones a week or two back, and I was able to get an iPhone.  follow me on Instagram (@hjwestfall), and you can see things like this...

Trinity College chapel - where I ate my lunch the other day!

 (and yes, all of the jewelry photos above were from my it!)

speaking of the iPhone, see what I was lucky enough to find for it?
yay!  I *love* Lori's stuff!  



Cillaw said...

Love the first bracelet! I would wear that one for sure! Love the Lori pouch too!

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Aww - thank you so much for the sweet words. Love your eye candy as well. :)

Annette said...

Beautiful eye candy! I love your jewelry!

Annette said...

Beautiful eye candy! I love your jewelry!


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