Monday, September 24, 2012

Southbury Fall Festival

This past weekend was the 8th Annual Fall Festival, held on the Southbury Green.  What a lovely day we had for a fun festival!  A few sprinkles early in the morning didn't seem to distract anyone, and luckily cleared up super quickly.

a quick shot of my whole booth
obviously, I was #24!  LOL

I was lucky enough in having my wonderful father get draft...errr...volunteer! to help me set up my booth.  (I'm still not sure if he volunteered himself, or if my mom volunteered him...)  With dad, setup went easily and quickly, and we even helped the gentleman next to me set up his own tent when it proved a bit bitc...errr...troublesome!  But then, dad and I have always made an awesome team :)

Dad and I even joked about our little bit of....let's call it perfectionism, shall we?  It's obvious who I inherited that from :)  After I was set up, dad decided it was a good time to make his Great Getaway.  I was left alone at this point (husband was home with the kids...couldn't have done this without his support!), and all was well.

All in all, I'd call this a successful show!  Sales were pretty good, and I even sold some pieces that were destined for the Tear Apart pile after this show!  The comments on my jewelry and set up were beyond positive.  I met many wonderful people, made some awesome contacts, and even heard about a few more potential fairs!  So, yes, successful.

Oh, best part of the show though?  The Starbucks that was across the parking lot!  I'll be singing praises for *that* for quite some time!  LOL

Another funny part about this show was a grandmother, mother and young child who came into my booth.  Mom came in first, with her little one, and told me that she loved my stuff and was going to send her mother (the grandmother) over.  They did, and the grandmother bought a necklace and pair of earrings for her daughter (the mother) for a birthday present.  They were all happy and satisfied.  An hour later, a man came over.  He looked a bit frazzled and confused.  He had apparently been directed over my way by his mother-in-law.   He walked out with a bracelet and necklace for his wife, the mother who'd gotten her mom to buy her some stuff.  Luckily it seemed as if the husband knew his wife's taste, because he picked out what she'd tried on earlier, without even me mentioning it until after he had them aside!




Anyway, as I said, this was a fun fair, and one that I will likely do again!  But, now, I have to prepare for my next show.

On October 6th, you can find me at the Windsor Lions Club 22nd Arts and Crafts Fair on the Windsor Town Green.  Please come visit!  There are over 50 crafters and artisans scheduled to be at this fair!


My Life Under the Bus said...

Looks great Holly and I had a Starbucks next to me this weekend! The Best!!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Looks great Holly! Beautiful set up. I had a Starbucks next to me this weekend too - the best!!!

Annette said...

I'm glad it was successful and you enjoyed it. Your booth looks fantastic!

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

I am so happy your show was a success! Your booth looked beyond lovely and I enjoyed reading the stories about your customers! Hopefully Starbucks didn't get too much of your earnings (LOL!) Keep it up Holly!


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