Monday, February 11, 2013

focus on life
week six

yes.  i'm a bit late this week.  
but.  well.  uhm.

that snowblower?
24 inch puppy

blizzard nemo/charlotte hit.
(nemo/charlotte b/c it's charlotte in CT but nemo elsewhere
don't ask. it's CT.  that's all i'm gonna say.)

going on four days of being housebound.
going on four days of crazy.
and not enough wine or chocolate to help.

anyway, for our focus this week, we were to focus on love.
that's easy.  these are the most important loves right now.
and yes.  there's a theme.

mah man.

mah munchkins.
who were worn out and *cold* at this point.

mah dawg.

anyway, that's it.  the most important loves in my life right now.
(missing only the kttehs)

what love are you focusing on right now?


Courtney said...

Love your shots! Sorry for the dumping of snow that you got, but your kids looked like they had fun.

Shel said...

I was late to the party this weekend too because I was away from home. I love your photos - shows the real loves in life!! Sorry you don't have more wine and/or chocolate!! :-)


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