Wednesday, February 20, 2013

peeking up from the snow...

so.  yes.  been a bit busy lately.  
only taking occasional peeks out for everything ;) 

and seeing mostly this.


and ready for this.

 so much better, dontcha think?
 anyway, more about what's going on.  back in september, I accepted a new position at my "day job", meaning I've been able to get out of work to go pick up my kidlets from school.  which is awesome and amazing and the best decision ever.  doesn't, however, leave me much computer time ;) 

also, at work, we're running full-to-the-wall right now.  you might remember, I work in admissions at a local college.  yeah.  admissions.  busy season.  meaning ot.  wonderful for the pocket, not so wonderful for much else!  plus with all the snow and winter occurring?  let's just say I'm a bit ready for a break.  as in summer.  anyway. 

I have been able to do a very little bit of playing lately.  playing with jewelry stuff, that is.  not much time for other stuff.  leaving my husband wandering through piles of laundry and fur.  remember that German Shedder...errr...Shepherd we have?

yeah.  lots o' fur.  so much more than my old girl had.  it's amazing how much difference can be found within one breed! 

anyway, on to what I've been playing with lately.  metal.  love love love me some copper.

this is my "hidden courage" pendant.  fold formed copper that's been stamped, texturized and then patina'ed using many different techniques.  I love this piece.  must work on something special for it.

more yummy copper.  this time paired with lapis.  the pendant is a copper washer that was stamped and texturized.  LOS patina added, and there we go.

I've also been playing a little bit with polymer clay.  but not enough to show you any yet.  ;) 

Oh, and if you've noticed, I have joined along with Sally Russick and am doing her Focus on Life, 52 photos.  which I love doing.  it makes one look at things a little bit differently.  if I don't post the photos here, you can find me posting them on Instagram - - tagging with #focus1photoaweek.

I'll also be participating in Erin's lovely Challenge in a few weeks - The Challenge of Music.  instrumental, music, huh?  well.  still looking for that perfect piece.  but I'm close!  here's a hint:  cellos.  2 of 'em.  love. 

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