Tuesday, April 23, 2013

it's a crazy, beautiful life...

...isn't it?
and isn't spring the most beautiful, yet crazy season?

the stale winter air is being blown away by fresh breezes.  
flowers are starting to scent the air.  

isn't it just amazing, the rebirth that spring brings with it?

i can't tell you how happy i am to finally see these lovelies blooming in my yard.
nothing more says "spring" as much as crocus and dafs blooming.

and that early spring weather?
can't decide if it's warm or cold out.
 we alternate from being able to walk to the bus stop,

to driving there;
to playing in the yard,

to huddling up inside,
to trying new outside toys.

one day we'll be donning rain gear and sloshing about,
and the next going to Little League Opening Day.

that #4?  mine!

ah well, that's what spring is about, right?

meanwhile, between normal and crazy, i'm working my haunches off for a few spring shows.

what are you doing to celebrate this crazy, beautiful life?

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