Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh. Well. Hello again...

Yes, it's been a while.  Again.  I know.  And while I'll apologize, I also know that it's likely I'll disappear again.  Such is my nature.  And that I won't apologize for.  I'm me, without apology, and without needing to apolgize either ;)

Anyway, what have I been doing in my absence from the social media scene?
How about I show you?  ;)

Looking for Wild Boys.

Trying to get Wild Boys to stop digging

Having Doggie Playdates

Spring gardening.

Entertaining Wild Boy and Drama Girl on family day trips.
(Here's my once yearly photo of me...look well, you won't see another for a year!)

Visiting amazing museums with my wild things.
(That'd include my dad this time...the original wild one!)

Play rehearsals and dress rehearsals and plays themselves.

Doing some work

Enjoying some hometown goodness!
(Always. Always. Always. Averys)

Oh, lake, how I missed you this winter!

Graduation from Pre-K for Wild Boy
(His poor Kinder teacher.... ;)

Visiting more awesome museums for Dad's Day.

Awards ceremonies and end of school gatherings.

Tball tball yet more tball

More gardening

Teaching Big Dog to enjoy the water.

Last day of First Grade!

Creating gifts for teachers.

Block Island

Not enjoying steamers.
On Block.

On Block.

Ocean play.
On Block.

Running .
On Block.

Leaving Block.
And wanting to go back to Block.

Happy to see BigDog again.
And TV.

Visiting another of our favorite places.
Old Sturbridge Village.

Going kayaking.

Playing Kong.
Did I say repeatedly?
Really, did I?

Fishing with daddy.
Who we won't tell is in this picture.

Kong has been banned from the lake front.
Didja know it sinks?
And husbands have to go snorkeling for them?
Dog is in Kong Withdrawal.
(AquaKong has been ordered.  3 of 'em.)

Sketched a bit.

Oh. Yes.  Most def.  Yes.

I about died and went to heaven in Brimfield.

More sketching and playing with color.

And then home.
To Kong.
And Tutu dog.

What have you been up to this summer so far?

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