Monday, September 16, 2013

falling down on the job

well, i can't seem to make any headway in my attempt to blog more regularly.  i try, but well, yeah.  anyway, it's been a busy start of the school year, and so that does tend to be where my head is, i guess ;)

first day of school pic, Kindergarten and Second grade!
(my baby is in KINDERGARTEN!  how'd that happen?)
the boy is wiggling his loose tooth, which fell out 2 days later.
in a bloody mes all over his white uniform shirt.

anyway, we're settling back into the school routine.  sorta.  still figuring out activities and where they go and when they fit in and how we will eat in between afterschool activities.  girl scouts, gymnastics for both, swimming for both, horseback riding for the girl, basketball for the's a chaotic scheduling mess, let me tell you!  anyone have any advice for dealing with it all?  oh and yeah, don't forget about homework.  baths.  bed.  my work.  my jewelry.  my husband.  his work.  


anyway, i'm also in the middle of finalizing my fall show schedule.  nothing like last minute, eh?  I didn't really want to do many, if any shows in September knowing how crazy I'd be.  glad I decided that.  but now it's looking like a possible three shows in October, one of which is a two day'er....not to mention November and then December.  heh.  I like it chaotic, what can I say?  

anyway, here's a bit of what i've been working on lately:

anyway, once i've gotten my show schedule hammered down, i'll make sure that i post it here, and Facebook it as welll...

what are you up to lately?  

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