Wednesday, January 15, 2014

goals, not resolutions

so then, I hope everyone had a wonderful start to 2014!  ours was wonderful - quiet, but not that quiet.

before I go any further, though, I need to say "Happy Birthday" to my now-eight year old!  Happy Birthday, Erin!  may your year sparkle and shine, like our lives shine brighter and sparkle longer for your being in it.

Drama girl is dramatic!

we've been busy, but it's all a good busy, a routine busy.  if there is such a thing.  after the crazies of the holiday season, it's good to get back to a routine. or perhaps, rework an existing routine that works, but not as nicely as it once did.  ah well, I ramble.  not exactly new news ;)

and, as to reworking things, I've decided that this year resolutions are old hat. resolutions, to me, are things to work towards, but more than that, I've always considered resolutions as things that will help you "fix" yourself.  uhm.  no.  there's no need to fix yourself.  just a need to move on, should you so feel the need.

goals, however, are something completely different.  there's no need for reworking yourself and fixing any problems, when you are working towards a goal  goals are a lot less....absolute...perhaps, with more room to rework them as you so need.  as such, no more resolutions for this girl.  goals.  it's going to be more about goals.  (hum, perhaps that should be my One Word?  we'll see....)  more workable, more attainable, and easier to help you achieve something in the end.  that's how I see goals, personally.

goals can't be broken, after all, like resolutions can. (i've sat here for 10 minutes contemplating that sentence.  says alot, I think.)

BigDog, contemplating with me.
really, just an excuse to showcase BigDog ;)

so, then, to start off the blogging year, I'm going to chat a bit about what my goals for this year are.  I'm thinking it's going to take a few blog posts, discussing my goals for the year.  so I'll start off with two or three that I know I can share easily and without much more rambling.

Goal 1:
Get back in the saddle
Get my rump in gear and in the saddle regularly.  I've ridden inconsistently since I was six years old.  Last time I rode with any regularity was before my kids arrived.  What, nine years ago?  (whoa.)  simply put, I miss it.  I started off riding English/Huntseat, but I've also ridden Western and have dabbled with driving (one summer), and attempted saddleseat (same summer - internship opportunities!).  jack of all, master of none.  yep.  me, nutshelled.  although I've done it all, I'll admit that I'm a Western girl without hesitation.  the barn where my daughter has started lessons was chosen in small part because I liked what I saw there as far as possibilities for me, too.  so I'll be talking to Laura about dusting off my boots & helmet a bit more frequently.

my most recent ride was over Thanksgiving, on my sister's big boy Sergio.

Goal 2:
Plump up the Etsy shop
work a bit more intentionally on keeping my Etsy shop filled.  it's quite bare right now.  in part due to a lack of inventory.  my fall and winter shows, and the holiday gifts kinda wiped out my stock!  that also means being a bit more intentional about working on pieces specifically for the Etsy shop.  to that end, I've already joined one of the Etsy Teams to help me promote my work state-wide.

Just listed to my Etsy shop!

Goal 3:
work on new pieces utilizing new techniques on a weekly schedule.
(this will also assist with Goal 2)
to assist with this, I've decided that I will use as a primer of sorts, Melissa Manley's book Jewelry Lab.  it's a book that I've had for a while and use as a technique reference as I need to.  of course, being me, I've already read the book cover to cover a few times.  this time, however, I'm going to work on each project in order of presentation in the book.  my plan is to complete one project a week, and then report on it as I finish, publishing the results to my blog and instagram and FB on Mondays.

from my instagram

as such, and to get the ball rolling, I'll be starting this first project this week and will report on it on Monday, January 20.  the first project is a technique I already really love.  using hammers to create texture.  so therapeutic, grabbing a hammer and just going after it!  ha.  in this case, the project is one where we are to use a wide variety of hammers to bring out the different textures each hammer can impart.  the recommended metal in this case is copper washers.  while I have washers, who know whether or not I'll use them - I'm going to let my muse come out and see where she takes me for this project.

Untitled by hjwestfall
one of my bracelet focals...hammers, love 'em!
and that one bezel?  washer!
found on my flickr stream

another note that I should add here - I'm kind of on a tool buying moratorium.  which means no new tools!!  boooo....but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  so I'll be using what we have around here for hammers and whatever tools are needed in this book. perhaps once in a while I'll see about a new purchase.  but mostly, I'll be working on adjusting what we have around the house to use as the tools called for in this book.  we'll see how it works out.

oh, and I'd love to have people join me in working through this book with me!  if you're interested, leave a comment, shoot me an email, FB get the idea!  just so I have an idea if anyone is interested.  I'll probably work on putting up one of those inlinkz tools should anyone join me.  ;)

anyway, I think I've rambled enough!  I've got a few other goals to discuss, but mostly likely that won't be until Friday or so.  How was your new year?  What goals or resolutions are you working on this year?  Have you chosen One Word for yourself?  For business or personal reasons?  Will you join me in working through Jewelry Lab?  Is that enough questions?  Ha!  Anyway, have a great night....and excuse any typos - took out my contacts already, and I apparently need new glasses as I can't really see the monitor of my desktop very well!  ;)  (not only has Erin turned 8 recently...10 days before her, it was me and my 44th!!  ugh.  getting old is a rotter....)  

I'll leave you with my latest listening obsession.  an oldie but goodie, I admit.  (and beware the f' bomb...):


Leslie Todd said...

Hi Holly! Sounds like you gave done good goals. I have a goal of resurrecting my blog this year. And I'll join you on working through the book.

CraftyHope said...

I'm more of a goals over resolutions kind of gal also. I agree that it's too easy to break a resolution and then just NOT work on it anymore. However, a goal can be re-worked and re-formulated fairly simply.

I've also got that same book and ought go through it also, but not now. I'm trying to focus on some of my own goals. I'm looking forward on seeing what you (and Leslie) come up with for it.

Best of luck on ALL your goals!


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