Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jewelry Lab - Week Two
Lab Two - Found Textures

So, first, I know, these posts haven't been exactly on point, timing-wise.  I said I'd be posting each week on Mondays, and here it is...Thursday....and I'm finally getting around to posting for ya'll.  I do apologize.  When I was first thinking of doing this, I forgot to take into account that it's the busy season at work, and well, over-time.  All I'm gonna say.  But, well, I am still working on the projects on a weekly basis - it's the posting that's slow.  I might try to revamp the schedule a bit, with posting about the project on Monday or Tuesday, and the finished product with that project on Wednesday....but well, I might change that up again. 

Anyway, I am currently working on week two of Jewelry Lab.  Well, actually, I've finished the experiment, but haven't finished a piece using the results of that experiment.  But, well, I also haven't posted my finished design from last week's project, where we explored hammer textures.  So, then, to that, here's the finished product from my first week's work.  If you'd like a refresher, here's the post on what, exactly, that first week entailed.  As you can see, from the last picture, I'd been working on a bracelet focal.  But the bracelet itself wasn't coming together for me.  I originally thought I wanted copper-wrapped turquoise nuggets paired with the focal.  Oh, sure.  Looked good.  But not good enough.  So here's where I went instead.... 

Yep, a simple hand-wrapped copper chain finished the bracelet nicely, and a handmade copper clasp.  I've worn this piece a number of times, and I have to say that I really like it.  It falls nicely on the wrist, and feels good.  So there ya go.

And so then, onto week two.  Which, essentially, was using found materials to imprint a texture on metal.  In this case, the book called for using steel and such to fix the textures.  Problem was, and of course there was one, is that when I was doing this, we had "Polar Vortex" temperatures going on, and so I couldn't really go for a walk to find anything cool outside.  So I made do with stuff we had in the house.  Not much, believe it or not.

I found an old horse shoe that I use for decoration, some awesome nails in my husbands workshop, some old steel weights from a weight bench, and the handle to that weight bar for the weight bench.  

You can see below the different textures that came out.  That cool flame colored piece, with the striations on it in the bottom left corner?  That was the imprint left from the nails above.  The three smaller pieces in the middle?  Those were made using the weights.  Not much of a show for those pieces.


The piece to the right, kinda off set?  That was done using the horse shoe.  And the last piece, with the check-sorta pattern?  That was the textured piece on the weight bar handle.  You know, where the grips of the handle are.  

All in all, this was a fun experiment.  I think my favorite piece is the flamey-colored one with the nail striations on it.  I found that I really liked trying to find different things to use to make the textures on the metal.  My cats, who reside down in basement for the most part, were following me around and meowing "What *ARE* you doing, woman?"  They'd run when the banging and hammering would commence...  My five year old son also had a blast helping me figure out what to use to make texture.  I had to stop him from grabbing the hammer and using it on the washing machine drum.  It was tempting, but no.  Just not happening.  ;)

Now, just to figure out what to make with all of these pieces!  Anyway, next week I will indeed post on Monday for you, and I'm hoping to have a finished piece worked around these pieces above to show you later this week.  Saturday.  It will be Saturday.  Next week's project is creating your own homemade texture hammers. I'm trying to decide if I have any hammers I can alter....

Anyway, if you'd like to play along, or have something to share, please let me know!  :)


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Melissa Manley said...

This makes me so incredibly happy! I adore texture and to see you having such fun with it... the book has done its job. Thank you!!! Melissa


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