Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week one - a work in progress

Hello all, I do hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Did you have the day off today, for Martin Luther King Day?  I actually had to work my day job - it's our busy season, and so no rest for me!  Which is why this blog post is so very late.  I said, though, that I was going to post on Mondays, so that's what you get.  Wait.  Is it still Monday?  Huh.  ;)

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm working through Melissa Manley's lovely book Jewelry Lab project by project.  The first project is all about experimenting with hammers to impart different textures on metal.

I'll admit that, as usual, I started on this project a bit late, so it's still a work in progress. And more so because the project I was going to use this experiment for is a bit more involved than the project in the book.  It's all good, though, and I'll show you what I've worked on so far.

I did end up pulling out some of the recommended copper washers, after being unsure if that was the direction I wanted to go.  Turns out, this was perfect for an idea I had in my head!  So then I fired up my torch and annealed four of the little stinkers.


I love my torch!  So much fun, and such lovely, intense colors develop on the copper as it runs through the temperatures!  

I pulled put three or four hammers with different faces, and once the washers were annealed and cooled, it was quite interesting to see the different textures develop as I played.  

This particular washer was pounded into submission with one of my husband's clawfoot construction hammers (shhhhh....secret!  it's that one you see above...love it).  I used both the face and claw to see what would develop.  Which is why, if you look closely enough, you'll see two different marks.  Sharp, almost square, divets, and longer lines.  

I also used my old (old.  Old.  Did I say old?) ball pein hammer, a second of my husband's construction hammers, and an old riveting hammer of husband's.  Those washers I'll have to show you tomorrow.  Work in progress, remember?  ;) 

Honestly though, part of the reason you're not seeing the finished project is because it's not quite there yet.  I think it needs one or two finishing touches, but I'm still working out what they actually are!  It'll be finished tomorrow, and so I'll post it then!  Promise.  It's worth the wait ;).   But here's a sneaky peek if you must...

If you are playing along with me, I'll put up the link code then.  I'll also give a quick rundown of the next project!  

Hope everyone is having a sparkling day!

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