Saturday, February 8, 2014

Eye Candy
Jewelry Lab Projects

Happy Saturday folks.  I hope you're enjoying your day!  So I've finally gotten around to photographing the pieces I've made to date for projects using the techniques I've been exploring in Melissa Manley's Jewelry Lab.

As you might remember, the first project was all about exploring hammer textures.  Here's the blog post I did on that first project.  I showed you the finished design earlier, but figured a reminder picture wouldn't be looked at as odd ;)

The second lab was to use found objects to texturize metal.  You can find my blog post about that here.  And I showed you one of my finished designs earlier, but was still working with my favorite piece.  That piece is finished, and had developed into a pretty cool assymetrical necklace.

I used some awesome Czech glass flowers, rondelles and one super cool large Czech glass bead, all accented nicely with my favorite copper.  This piece will be going into my Etsy shop soon.  (The bracelet above is already listed.)

Week three's experiment was to create your own texture hammers, and I blogged about that earlier in the week.  (I also included in that post the earrings that I finished from the previous week.)  The bracelet using those pieces actually came about pretty quickly!

I used gorgeous rough garnet nuggets and wrapped those with copper wire for some rustic links that created a nicely monochromatic bracelet.  I *love* this new bracelet!  One of my faves, for sure.

So, I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've created for this journey so far.  I'll tell ya that I have a fantastic hubby too.  I'd been wondering about finding the larger gauge of wire to use for the next project (making a simple forged cuff).  He was able to travel to the local Big Box Hardware/Home Improvement store and picked me up some lovely 6 gauge copper wire!  So I've been playing with that off & on today.  So much fun!  Are you working through the projects in this book with me?  I know that one or two of you are...please keep me posted of your progress - I love to hear how you're doing!

And just because this is, after all, an eye candy are the earrings I wore to work today!  Yep, had to go in for a half day.  Luckily, though, this was the last Saturday - our OT is just about over!  YAY!!  :)

These feature brass stampings that I patina'ed with a bit of Gilder's Paste (love that stuff...), and paired with some luscious Czech glass.  They're hung on handmade brass earwires.

I'll be back on Monday with Week Four's project - have a great rest of the weekend!   I can smell the pizza from here, and the kids and a movie are calling me....Family Movie Night - what could be better?  Well.  Actually.  I suppose knowing what movie my husband picked for us to watch would be better...hopefully I won't have to use that Mommy Veto Power!!  ;)

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