Friday, February 14, 2014

Jewelry Lab - Week Four Lab Four - Simple Forged Cuff

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you've enjoyed your week now that it's just about over ;)  We've been snowed in, following Winter Storm Easton.  Today is the second day off from school (and work, for me!), as a result.  Luckily, we here in New England are a bit more used to dealing with snow and ice than those to our south.  I keep watching the news and stalking FB & Instagram for news of the southern states, and sometimes am devestated and yet enlightened in turn by what I see.  In the meantime, we've been enjoying the snow.  We've been playing Kong in the Snow with BigDog:

And having fun in the snow with the kids:

And we've done a little bit of Catback Riding:

All in all, it's been a fun week.  But I'll admit quite easily that I'm done with this white stuff and cold.  I'm longing for spring, flowers and warm weather!

Anyway, onto the real reason for the post today.  Week Four of my working with the techniques explored in Melissa Manley's book Jewelry Lab.  This lab was all about creating a simple forged cuff.  After finally finding some large gauge wire, I ended up with two gorgeous, yet simple copper cuffs.

I used 6 gauge copper wire that I found at the local Big Box Store after not finding it in any of the smaller local shops.

I annealed the hootsie out of these as I was working with them, but man, they were so fun to work with!  Lots of hammering, lots of torching, lots of twisting and turning.  

This was the first one I created, and I followed the tutorial in the book pretty closely.  Love the way it came out!

This second one is my favorite though - it reminds me of the waves of the ocean, just as they're about to crest on the shore.

After I played with the large gauge wire, I decided to see what I could create with some copper tubing my husband just happened to have hanging around.  (shhhhh....)  Two pieces of copper tubing turned into these two lovely cuffs!

There was no annealing needed with these, just a bit of a hammering for texture, and then some lovely Liver of Sulfur for added contrast and loveliness.  I love stacking bracelets, and these are just made for that....and oh, goodness, so easy to make!

So, then, there ya go!  Week Four, complete!  Next week the tutorial is all about creating patterns on metal using letter stamps.  Can't wait for that one!  I've got a few cool ideas in mind ;)

Are you playing along with me?  I'd love to hear if you are!

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